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    Protein Ptm Analysis

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    Up to now, scientists have discovered that the human proteome is significantly more complex than the human genome.

    Stable isotope labeling with amino acids

    SILAC-based quantitative proteomics (SILAQ) is an innovative technology used in high throughput quantitative analysis of large protein complexes, protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. SILAC service of Creative Proteomics provides a

    Protein Quantification

    The run of the mill strategy of metabolomic research can be distributed untargeted and focused on. The formeraims for a brisk and solid ID of little molecule metabolites for a specific physiological state in light of inside or outside aggravations;

    Creative Bioarray

    Creative Bioarray is an innovative biotechnology company whose mission is to develop unique technologies that provide researchers with the tools to investigate life science.

    TOKU-E - The Evolution of Biopurity

    TOKU-E is a supplier of high-purity antibiotics for both pharmaceuticals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and for biotechnology applications as selective antimicrobial reagents.

    Quantitative amino acid analysis

    If an exact knowledge of protein/peptide quantities is required for further applications, quantitative amino acid analysis, qAAA, is a suitable assay, which can not only determine protein quantities precisely.

    Adenovirus particles

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    adenovirus particles from Creative Biogene. More information: Tel:5166698109

    MicroRNA (miRNA)

    reative Biogene provides world-class MicroRNA (miRNA) sponge service and we have been perfecting MicroRNA sponge service for many years.

    Seamless Cloning

    Creative Biogene’s FreeClone™ Seamless Cloning kit is designed to help researchers to streamline research and workflow, and we have constructed hundreds of clones in high efficiency with FreeClone™ Seamless Cloning kit.

    Glycan Analysis

    Glycan functions are usually determined by the structures of the oligosaccharides, which are covalently attached to proteins primarily at 2 structural motifs.

    Protein Glycosylation Analysis

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    Glycosylation, the attachment of sugar moieties to proteins, is a post-translational modification (PTM) that provides greater proteomic diversity than other PTMs.

    Isolcell Fixtures for Controlled and Generated Atmosphere

    Isolcell Italia S.p.a Fixtures for Controlled and Generated Atmosphere, WHAT IS CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE (C.A.) For example in the storage of fresh fruit and vegetables with the CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE the vegetables' metabolism by reducing,

    Transfected cells

    Stable cell lines with specific gene over-expression or knock-down are very helpful in gene function analysis, target discovery, target validation, assay development, and compound screening.

    Endothelial cells

    Endothelial cells form the inner lining of a blood vessel and provides an anticoagulant barrier between the vessel wall and blood.

    Primary Antibody

    Creative Diagnostics offers thousands of monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies and conjugates validated for use in a variety of common applications including WB, FC, IHC, ICC, IF, IP, and more.

    Virus Antigen

    A virus antigen is a toxin or other substance given off by a virus which causes an immune response in its host. A viral protein is an antigen specified by the viral genome that can be detected by a specific immunological response.

    Life Science Consultant

    PSL’s Biotechnology Consultancy services represent companies in life science and antibodies. Experts in biotech and antibody consultancy.

    Histology & IHC Protocols

    Immunohistochemistry and histology related methods, techniques, protocols, books, and discussion for

    GeneTex Antibodies

    GeneTex is proud to offer the highest quality antibody reagents supported by extensive research, development, and validation.


    Information about PCR the polymerase chain reaction. Includes news, protocols and a forum on pcr.

    GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training provider of regulatory trainings, quality trainings, compliance trainings, Medical device regulatory compliance training, pharmaceutical regulatory compliance trainings & food safety compliance trainings.

    Rotary Evaporator

    Capitol Scientific has been a leading distributor of reagent chemicals, electronic chemicals and lab equipment for over 45 years.


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    Baculoviruses are arthropod-specific viruses containing large double-stranded circular DNA genomes of 80,000–180,000?bp. In recent years, they have been utilized for producing complex eukaryotic proteins in insect cell cultures.

    Fruit Cultivation and Production

    Cultivation of fruits. Covers all aspects of fruit cultivation and production.


    Find peptide synthesis services and peptide research information. Also learn about peptide biology.

    Vegetable Cultivation and Production

    Cultivation of vegetables. Covers all aspects of vegetable cultivation and production.

    BearPlanet: Polar, Grizzly, Big and Pandas

    Polar Bear on BearPlanet along with Grizzly, Big Bear, Panda, Black, Kodiak Brown. BearPlanet covers

    Microscope World Inverted Microscopes

    Microscope World offers different microscopes including industrial microscopes, professional biological microscopes, educational microscopes and children's microscopes that include a free DVD and slide kit.

    Our science and curriculum

    LAB-AIDS provides a complete range of Chemistry products to motivate and engage your students. From A Natural Approach to Chemistry,

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