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    Orgone zapper electro-therapy for removal of parasites and protection against swine-flu, boost your immune system and strengthen the human aura. Orgone Cloudbusters, clear skies and form precipitation

    ChooseHelp Drug Rehabilitation

    Offers treatment programs and advice for drug and alcohol addicts.

    Personal Growth Tree

    Inner Healing & Peace: Purge those awful, painful emotional problems for good with emotional healing techniques. Envision optimal emotional health. Easy to learn & master. Powerful yet gentle self healing techniques. And it works.

    Energy Healing Training New Jersey

    Dr. Kenneth Davis provides various healing patterns, like holistic healing, and programs to its clients. It also offers educational support items to the professionals interested in learning these healing practices.

    SpiritGate - Energy Medicine for Cancer

    Energy Healing for Cancer with Medical Intuitive, Suzanne Clegg. Remote and in-person treatment using Sound, Laying-on-of-hands, Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Acupuncture. Group and individual programs.

    The power to heal and live a joyful life

    Integrated Healing Dynamics, Inc. offers coursework in intuitive medicine for emotional healing & energy healing. IHD combines both scientific & alternative healing techniques in order to help people truly change their lives & get relief from lingeri

    Golden DNA Activation - Clear - Heal - Become

    Top protocol today for DNA activation. Anchor your original DNA blueprint to develop you innate abilities and gifts and clear ties to past people, places and experiences.

    Kimmie Jordan Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

    Mental health rehabilitation assists people to learn and practice skills to cope with the demands of everyday life and restore relationships that may have become strained or damaged as a result of problems related to mental illness or substance abuse

    Pranic Healing Kentucky

    Welcome to the amazing science and art of Pranic Healing...


    Take a deep breath, relax, and you will find yourself. If you want complete happiness, real fulfillment, and unshakeable peace- in a word, yourself, Come here today.

    Ruth A. Golush, Ph.D. Wellness Services

    Providing healing and wellness in central New Jersey. Reiki, Tong Ren, Pi Gu for weight issues and cravings, Qigong, Tai Chi, Tarot. We are meant to be healthy and whole. Treating mind-body-spirit.

    Energy Healer

    Very different experiences drive people to decide to become an energy healer. Let us help you decide whether it's right for you.

    Energy Healing Miami

    Energy Healing Miami combines inner spiritual work with life coaching, shamanic healing and energy medicine. The site offers information and resources about energy medicine and shamanism.

    Ki of G Healing

    Ki of G Healing is a spiritual healing organization that works with the whole being, through spirit, to bring innate wisdom, truth, and healing to best serve all concerned in the energy of gratitude.

    diabetic supplies

    We Offer you diabetes supply, diabetic supplies and diabetes meters with little no cost. Get diabetic supply, Gluco Meter, Test Strips, Lancets with exciting Offers & Free Shipping!

    Spiritual Healing Techniques

    Spiritual healing is the process in which energy is transferred to the person who needs it. %0D%0AThe treatment works on the body%2C mind and spirit%2C which are seen as one unit that must harmonize for good health%0D%0ASpiritual healing%2C reikie%2C

    Heroin Addiction Treatment

    Drugs are gaining popularity now a day, and so are drug addicts increasing in number, and falling to problems. If you are one among them, you need to find a heroin addiction treatment early, and get relief from your problems.

    Holistic Healing Denver

    Holistic healing services that balance the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Appointments available in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

    Reiki healing denver

    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki has no side effects and also works well with standard medical treatments. It can enhance the effectiveness of traditional medicine and treatments.

    Chakra balancing denver

    Chakra balancing addresses both body and spirit. It is vital for those who want to speed up their spiritual advancement, but is equally important for those wanting to maintain physical and mental health.

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