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Launched in 1996, we helped power Lycos and search trials for Google.

Boost Your Online Presence with Link Centre - now with AI

At Link Centre, we offer more than directory services. We're a platform dedicated to boosting your online presence and connecting you with a global audience. Here's why over a million users trust us:

  • Quality Assurance: Every website submission is manually checked to ensure top-quality results.
  • Tailored Plans: From small site owners to agencies, we offer a range of plans to suit your budget and requirements.
  • Unique Features: Enjoy benefits like AI assisted content generation, social bookmarking and a unique dashboard to update details, logos and listings at anytime.

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  • Please ensure websites are family friendly.

  • Only good quality websites will be accepted.

  • Search for the most relevant category (e.g. yachts) for faster approval.

  • To ensure quality, all sites are subject to our review process.


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Plus Pro Premium Agency
Pricing (pay after registration) / year / year / year / year
Rate your favourite websitesYesYesYesYes
Directory and Search Engine SubmissionYesYesYesYes
Social bookmarking to share your websiteYesYesYesYes
Unique dashboard to update your details at any timeYesYesYesYes
Customisable profile page with social media linksYesYesYesMultiple
Upload your logo and other imagesYesYesYesYes
Post interesting news and offers from your websiteYesYesYesYes
Pinpoint location of your business on a Google mapYesYesYesYes
Guaranteed Page One Listing with extended AI descriptionYesYesYesYes
No 3rd party adverts on Review and Profile PagesYesYesYesYes
Fast-track, same day website review1 websiteUnlimited websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Page One Premium listing for one year--One Premium listingTen Premium listings
Lifetime Membership--Plus PackagePro Package
Priority placement on search results pages--YesYes
Appear in the member directory--YesYes
Access to API for faster submissions---Yes
Pricing (pay after registration) / year / year / year / year

Optional: Apply for a limited free account including website submission and review other sites.

A selection of recent customer feedback

OM Dineshgeek "One of the great listing site for long time."21 February 2024
IN Pawan Singh "Respected Sir, Thanks for your kind efforts. You are helping thousands of people like us by providing a great platform to grow their businesses."20 February 2024
IN Achyutha Sri "Best Website for Directory submissions, Thanks for your services."20 February 2024
BD Newbikebd "Liked the website feature very much. I love this kind of website very much. Many thanks to the author for presenting us such a feature rich website."17 February 2024
PK Musa Siddiqui "You are doing an amazing job, thank you for making this awesome website where people can find useful websites on the internet."17 February 2024
PK Lily1 "You are doing a great job till now. keep it up"15 February 2024
UN HEMA LATHA K V "You are generating the description automatically for our website. You give awesome services."15 February 2024
IN Finansh "Awesome. Really loved the feature of generating a relevant description automatically"14 February 2024
US Daniel cox "link centre is one of the best directories!"14 February 2024
US Drdesign "You guys are great. I really appreciate what you do."13 February 2024
IN Trendaitools "Thank you for you easy onboarding process."12 February 2024
PK Jack david "Hello team, you guys are legends. Thank you so much for providing us service to add our site into link center website."12 February 2024
IN Akhil Khatri "I appreciate the user-friendly interface and informative content on the website."8 February 2024
ID Membuatberkas "this good site i hear from my friend and want to try"6 February 2024
PK Rameeza Mueen "I'm submitting my non-profit website here because many non-profit websites are getting benefits. Thank you for this profit platform for us!"6 February 2024
UN Tech sary "Submitting my second website here; previously, I submitted a business site. The process is straightforward. Thank you."5 February 2024
UN Gplastra "Thanks for sharing wonderful information reagarding SEO . This helps me a lot. today I learn new things and try them in the future."4 February 2024
UN Homeworkanswers "Link center is a great website. I enjoy going through the many content as i learn so much."3 February 2024
AE Fahad Masood "Its superb experience with Link Center. UI and UX is amazing. Thanks"31 January 2024
US Pcsolutions "I recently found out about your website and my first impression for this website seems that it is worthy to submit my website here. I must say good job guys!"30 January 2024
UN Mb Blastika "I just wanted to highlight the hard work you’ve put into this project. Well done."27 January 2024
AU Maria Halen "'It is very grateful experience with you such a nice guys.'"26 January 2024
US Johnny Sebastian "Link Centre is an invaluable resource. Can't tell enough people about how simple and effective the platform works for our business."25 January 2024
UK Creativemedianews "It is very gratefull experience with you such a nice guys."24 January 2024
IN Shivam sharma "your doing amazing work , helping people is your great strength."24 January 2024
CA James Segrest "I really like your service, everything is fast and reliable"23 January 2024
UN Darkskies "It looks like a great place to post about your website. Thanks for the platform!"17 January 2024
IN Umesh Wadhwa "great !!! your listing system is such as nice"15 January 2024
UN Languagepro "With Link Center, I am quite amazed! You can navigate this website with ease because it is very user-friendly. I got just what I wanted from the text, which is clear and useful. Bravo to the group for developing an online experience that is both smoo"13 January 2024
US Fabraguard "Thank you for letting me add this for website! :)"12 January 2024
UN Jobbg "Linkcentre is the greatest platform for users as well as content creators."12 January 2024
CA Ainsley Gower "I have only just started but its very easily to navigate so far!"12 January 2024
US Alec Benjamin "overall, I am impressed with the efforts put into creating and maintaining your website. It reflects positively on your brand and effectively communicates your message. Keep up the good work!"10 January 2024
US Lance Beaudry "Love the platform so far, It's very easy to use."9 January 2024
IN Aves Malik "You are doing a great job in helping businesses grow! Please continue the thing..."7 January 2024
KE Snazzy "Great help to creators by providing a platform where they gain more exposure."7 January 2024
AE Teamfaj "LinkCentre has proven to be an invaluable platform for connecting and organizing links. Its user-friendly interface and efficient link management have significantly improved my online experience. Kudos to LinkCenter for providing a seamless solution"4 January 2024
NP Hari Kumar "Very good, help me improve my online presence."2 January 2024
UK Angus Gould "We liked the platform link center for promoting our business. The best improvement you can do on the website is can add an assistant feature while putting information about business."2 January 2024
US Upfronta "Link Centre is the best place to list your business."1 January 2024
AU Accredited Metering Servic "Link center can help my website to grow and other people who looking for Meter Installation & Replacement Services."28 December 2023
IN Danish Kumar "Nice work. I am very happy to connect with you."25 December 2023
IN Reactmaster1 "As per me it's quite good going with you."21 December 2023
US Cadreparamount "this website help us to share our business"20 December 2023
US Justin Jackson "I am very lucky to submit my website here because Link Centre is a great site for business listing. They are top website in the world. Thanks"20 December 2023
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