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Directory and Search Engine SubmissionYesYesYesYesYes
Social bookmarking to share your websiteYesYesYesYesYes
Customizable profile page with social media linksYesYesYesYesYes
Publish contact details including address with mapYesYesYesYesYes
Unique dashboard to update your details at any timeYesYesYesYesYes
Upload your logo and other imagesYesYesYesYes
Post interesting news articles about your websiteYesYesYesYes
Guaranteed ListingYesYesYesYes
Fast-track, same day website review1 websiteUnlimited websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Page One Premium listing for one year1 page one Premium listing for one year10 page one Premium listings for one year
Priority placement on search results pagesYesYes

A selection of recent customer feedback

SG Pereira Yip "Excellent interface and what a useful site!" 29 June 2017

NG Ngcareerjobs "Link center are doing well. Added my domain via link centre and its been useful. Kudos" 28 June 2017

JP Ciscosupport "Really great job by you, as you make it possible that other users can view our website.As it is the site which is visited by many users." 27 June 2017

US Vsamerica "You're doing fine. Keep up the good work." 26 June 2017

US Melanie Stanford "Link Centre is an exceptionally useful service" 26 June 2017

AU Mikesceh "Easy to follow navigation and a great help for small business owners. Keep up the good work guys!" 23 June 2017

US Bella normatov "Thank you Link Center for our listing...great service." 22 June 2017

CA Promotionhealthcare "Nice service and I like it because it's very easy to use." 22 June 2017

UK Fforster1 "I have just joined, so far so good. I am happy with the layout and look forward to hearing your favourable response." 20 June 2017

US Hanna Spence "love your listings - lots of fine websites" 20 June 2017

IN Atulenterprises "hello, linkcentre You provide very good service of submitting url, i tried this recently and also bookmarking, add business location map is plus to me and very useful to the public." 20 June 2017

AU Gardenstate "You are doing great helping people advertise their business" 17 June 2017

ID Jeanp "We highly appreciate chance and opportunity you offer to us to increase our visibility on the web" 17 June 2017

AU Enanin "Your site is extremely helpful. Stay awesome!" 16 June 2017

AU Ena Nin "You are doing great. I find it very easy to access to your site." 16 June 2017

US Roguetv "It's a very attractive, well-crafted site that brings credibility to its partners and clients." 16 June 2017

UK Nicolae Florescu "Fantastic website! It give us the possibility to promote our business and we like this.Thank you!" 15 June 2017

NP Pushpendra Khadka "You are doing great job for SEO. The system is very easy so person with simple knowledge can also easily use it." 15 June 2017

GR Elektroservice "Thank u for our website link.U r the best! Kind regards elektroservice" 13 June 2017

IN Tourism "great web site portal to submit your urls." 12 June 2017

IN Tourism "Excellent service by link centre, thank you" 12 June 2017

CA Cvgallery "Till now everything on this site looks good!" 9 June 2017

US Byronsid1 "Great site with helpful business listings." 8 June 2017

MA Hassan Fadil "Great website to submit a website to increase traffic and get more visible on google!" 7 June 2017

IN Akash Varma "This site is excellent. I have tried it before when I list my business. This is a great source for business to gain customers." 7 June 2017

NP Nepalhightrekpvtltd "Thank you so much Link Center team. Its very helpful and informative site for people.." 3 June 2017

US Maynard Obryan "Your site is much easier to submit to than other directory sites I've used recently. Kudos. Keep up the good work." 1 June 2017

US Enrique00a "You are doing a great job, congrats for this incredible website which is a tremendous web informational resource! Really cool!" 31 May 2017

IN Andenag "I am serious user of linkcentre and I like this sites simple UI." 31 May 2017

US Budgeheiptpllc "you are doing amazing job as per the keeping record of previous listings as I have just gone through the old listings." 30 May 2017

US Sajilmemon "Very Good Job, well design site, every thing is good" 29 May 2017

TH Angelordesign "The instructions were simple to understand and website is fast. I really the site and the UI. Will definitely going to recommend it to my friends." 28 May 2017

UK Pam Luke "This website is helping businesses all around the world." 28 May 2017

UK Sam Duke "I like this site. It is very easy to add a listing here." 28 May 2017

UK Harry Shield "Really like how the listings look on here." 28 May 2017

CA Codespark "Thank you for this..This helps our website grow." 27 May 2017

UK Alekylie "Very good. Keep the great work you are doing." 26 May 2017

UK Michael Heere "A great directory and easy to navigate and it really does look the part compared to any other directory I have a listing with. keep up the great work you are doing in providing a good looking and quality directory." 26 May 2017

US Caroline James "You are providing the best services and I really appreciate it :)" 26 May 2017

IN Teafloor "This is really good website to get the links and improve the domain Authority." 25 May 2017

IN Sumit Sharma "It's a very good and reputed online directory." 25 May 2017

UK Luis Walsh "One of my favourite directories, administered really well, and a good organisation of listings to choose from." 24 May 2017

US Stephen Schmidt "Using Link Centre has been great. Thank you!" 23 May 2017

UK Electricalengineering "Very happy to see your amazing service. I would say perfect." 23 May 2017

US Guile "Keep up the good work! You are def in the upper echelon of website directories" 22 May 2017

AU Holisticdentals "Hmmm..Fantastic. I loved the search feature in your directory!" 22 May 2017

US Jeff Sullivan "Love your directory. It's easy to navigate and find what your looking for." 21 May 2017

IN Trutax457 "It is a great website for listing business having excellent UI and UX." 20 May 2017

UK Trace "Good site with a nice intuitive user control panel for easy editing." 19 May 2017

ES Jmoverthings "In Linkcentre I can find the best pages of all categories. Always quality content. Great!" 19 May 2017

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