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 Testimonials   posted 21 August  "You are doing well and its a great platform to list a site" - us Om900813          posted 21 August  "Fine - website is pretty straightforward to use." - uk Rainydaysfun          posted 21 August  "Good! :)" - nl Zwangerschapskussen          posted 21 August  "Extremely large amount of traffic on this site and best site ever." - in Yatindra Singh          posted 21 August  "great job by linkcentre" - in Tourism           read more

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Directory and Search Engine SubmissionYesYesYesYesYes
Social bookmarking to share your websiteYesYesYesYesYes
Customizable profile page with social media linksYesYesYesYesYes
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Unique dashboard to update your details at any timeYesYesYesYesYes
Upload your logo and other imagesYesYesYesYes
Post interesting news articles about your websiteYesYesYesYes
Guaranteed ListingYesYesYesYes
Fast-track, same day website review1 websiteUnlimited websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Page One Premium listing for one year1 page one Premium listing for one year10 page one Premium listings for one year
Priority placement on search results pagesYesYes

A selection of recent customer feedback

US Om900813 "You are doing well and its a great platform to list a site" 21 August 2017

UK Rainydaysfun "Fine - website is pretty straightforward to use." 21 August 2017

IN Yatindra Singh "Extremely large amount of traffic on this site and best site ever." 21 August 2017

UK Conner John "Great website thanks for the linking opportunity :)" 20 August 2017

UK Lelinsam "Thanks for these free submission and keep up the good work." 19 August 2017

US Lorraine Girard "Excellent Services provide by your website to reach valuable customers." 19 August 2017

US Dannyjohn908 "You are too supporting and helping a lot. Love you a lot." 18 August 2017

NL Mightygoodman "A bit unclear still how everything works, but seems easy enough" 18 August 2017

AE Haleema Haleema Ghani "in short your are doing great i checked on many website they have quality links from this site." 17 August 2017

US Hainesandkrieger "You are doing great and Google has been giving us presence from your site to our websites. Thanks a lot" 16 August 2017

US Frank Beasley "Definitely like the ease of use and up to date interface." 15 August 2017

IN Ankitp "you are the one of the best directory i have found online." 15 August 2017

CA Frameslist "It's great to have such a wonderful site like this one. keep doing great work." 14 August 2017

AU Simon Harrison "Great, thanks...thanks for the ease of use!" 14 August 2017

IN Mnraads "Excellent, Since you are into the industry from 21 years, This is not so simple to keepup the Grade Congratulations (Editor: Thanks!)" 11 August 2017

US CASSANDRA MRS "Very organized site with some of the best tools to help you get published." 10 August 2017

US Emilygriffin "very helpful and it is very user-friendly" 9 August 2017

UK Diane Lawson "Well done! Easy to navigate and website submission is a cake walk." 7 August 2017

AE Itscirclellc "Linke Centre is one of the best directory I've ever found on the face of the internet. Thank you for allowing us to add our sites to your's quality directory." 4 August 2017

CA Futuregirlssoccer "No doubt, your website is amazing to show up local business." 4 August 2017

DK Spedersen "Great! I find myself coming back often to check the site!" 4 August 2017

NP Anoj Shrestha "Well thanks at first to linkcentre to helping us its a great seo tools!Thank you very much !" 4 August 2017

US Evan G "Really pleasantly surprised at how well your website works and how easy it is to use, thanks." 3 August 2017

UK Travelforumrah "Great website. Easy to access and user friendly. Had a great experience. Thank you" 3 August 2017

IN Bilkish Tejani "We found your site very interesting as specially for website submission.It gives really good results." 3 August 2017

ZA Linkbusiness "You guys are simply the best on the web! Thanks!" 1 August 2017

UK Thecountrymember "You are doing a grand job, keep up the hard work!" 31 July 2017

NG Ngcareerjobs "Nice work here at Linkcentre. Helps a lot" 29 July 2017

IN Chickenloop "Impressed by the backlinks my competitors are getting from your site" 24 July 2017

AU Wodsites "Doing great and Thanks for this free submission, Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your website." 24 July 2017

UK Steve Cummins "You doing great, Love this directory site" 20 July 2017

CA Get12 "Well, Quite interesting your procedure was and the verfication process and the submission was good." 19 July 2017

TH Nuno Isitemiz "Great, thank you very much. Very user friendly." 18 July 2017

UK Angel Talbot "I have always liked to submit my listings here." 16 July 2017

CA Chad Barlow "Great . . . this looks like a quality website that has been around for about 20 years!" 16 July 2017

AU Aidan Dawson "Thanks for these free submission and keep up the good work, God speed to your websites." 14 July 2017

AU Vladimir Stefan "Thank you LinkCentre for a top quality service 13/07/2017 still one of the best in the business and 20 years online - amazing!" 13 July 2017

US Promoexcitement "great interface and clean look. Great job!" 12 July 2017

US Ignitepotential "Good SEO platform for building domain authority" 12 July 2017

NG King Jesus "your website is 20+ years. that's incredible!" 11 July 2017

AU Feedcentral "Your doing great and thanks for the free submission." 10 July 2017

AU James Williams "You guys are doing a great job.. Keep it up :)" 6 July 2017

US Jamesrogers84 "You guys are doing phenomenal work, Kudos!" 5 July 2017

CN Fleconn "Good and high reliable business directory." 4 July 2017

UK Emanuel2222 "Your site is really good,Submitting URL's is very simple and easy. 9/10." 3 July 2017

CA Keep28 "Lincentre is a great business listing company in Canada. Kodus to its team!" 3 July 2017

AU Luke Steiger "Doing fine and Good, Keep up the Good work guys. I love this website it is SEO friendly.." 1 July 2017

IN Love0007 "Nice. That's why i am contributing some information from my side" 30 June 2017

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