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  • Mr

    Pacific Sports offers a range of high-quality, functional and affordable Karate and taekwondo uniforms, as well as Martial Art and Kickboxing equipment.

  • Wu Xing Dao

    We are a family run and owned Martial Arts school on the Central Coast NSW, for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels. Our system is derived from some of the most respected Internal Martial Arts Styles in China such as Tai Chi and Bagua, and we also offer Qigong Meditation and energy, development classes. We focus on realistic self defence principles and holistic health practices through a range of simple and effective energy cultivation techniques. Learn how to develop true internal power in a short amount of time, with our unique and rare Martial Arts System.

  • Focus Martial Arts Brisbane

    Focus Martial Arts Brisbane is a martial arts school that prides itself on outstanding martial arts lessons for kids, pre-schoolers, families and adults. Our Australian Champion martial arts Instructors love that they get to live their passion everyday, and make an impact on students and their families, as every martial arts class is packed with skill, character development & fun. Kids martial arts classes are available from 3 years of age in our specifically designed toddler martial arts program for our Little Ninjas. Our primary school age kids martial arts & self defence program is perfect for teaching your child to be bully-proof & build confidence. Teens and adults love the fun & fellowship they get from martial arts class.

  • Ultimate Martial Arts & Fitness

    Ultimate Martial Arts is dedicated to changing the lives of people through martial arts. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all adults, kids, women and family members in Heathmont. Throughout all of our martial arts classes, students will not only learn the necessary skill sets to protect themselves but also how to achieve greatness and live their best life

  • Eagle Martial Arts

    At Eagle Martial Arts (EMA) we believe that martial arts is more than just punching and kicking. Any student that trains at EMA learns awareness and defensive skills to cover a large range of situations. But just as importantly, we believe in helping the student to reach their full potential in fitness, confidence, and a positive outlook. EMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, focusses on self defence based BJJ but also includes training for BJJ competitions. EMA Hapkido was developed to address some of the gaps between traditional martial arts and modern self-defence scenarios. Based on, and still encompassing all values and techniques of traditional Korean Hapkido, EMA Hapkido has been expanded with aspects from BJJ, Kickboxing and more.

  • PCYC Auburn

    PCYC Auburn is a club that feels like home to so many, with the clubs mission being the key focus. The facility has been built on what was the home for Netball NSW for many years – now the home of PCYC Auburn since 2016. PCYC Auburn includes two basketball courts, gymnastics hall, fully equipped gym, dance room, martial arts room, education/multipurpose room and a café.

  • Shobukan Martial Arts

    Through amazing Martial Arts guidance in Perth, Western Australia. Shobukan Martial Arts engages individuals of any age to accomplish their maximum capacity. You will learn Self-safeguard. Become more advantageous and fitter. Your Child will learn Li

  • MyBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team

    myBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team is a world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Academy in Cremorne that champions self-defence, self-confidence, and competition. Spearheaded by black belts, including Professor Mario Yokoyama, we aim to equip our students with a knowledge of the BJJ philosophy and its fundamental techniques. We welcome everyone, from beginners to advanced, providing a supportive environment that fosters growth both on and off the mats.

  • VT1

    EXPERT-LED MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES IN CHATSWOOD, NSW At VT1, every class is different, exciting, and motivating. Our programmes are skilfully designed to lay solid foundations and keep you focused on your objectives, whether you want to lose weight, learn self-defence, or become a professional athlete. No prior experience is required.

  • The Institute of Martial Arts

    The Institute of Martial Arts provides mentoring & coaching to Martial Arts businesses across the world. Using a blueprint that has helped create 3 successful martial arts schools servicing 1,500 students and a staggering income of over $60,000 per week!

  • Australia's Youth Self Defence Karate

    Kids karate and self defence throughout Sydney, Australia. Operating since 1994.

  • Challengecentre

    Unleash your potential! We're the go-to destination for martial arts training in Oakleigh. Join us and experience a world of discipline, growth, and confidence to overcome challenges. Our diverse programs cater to all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a child eager to develop character or an adult seeking fitness and stress relief, our expert instructors will guide you on your journey. Discover the best techniques from Kempo Karate, Kickboxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But we don't stop there. We delve deeper, teaching the values that make martial arts transformative. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. "Transform your body, sharpen your mind, and ignite your spirit.

  • Aikido of Shin Sen

    Aikido is a peaceful dynamic martial arts, based on blending with the energy (“Ki”) of an attack and returning harmony and balance. Aikido is designed to bring out one’s full potential for joyful, healthy and successful living.

  • Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu

    Perth's premier martial arts academy specialising in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and self defence for the whole family. We have a wide range of classes suitable for men, women and children of all skill levels.

  • Advanced Martial Arts and Fitness

    Our Full Time AIR-CONDITIONED School Is Open 6 Days A Week, Running Classes For Little Ninjas Karate 3-5yrs, Kids Karate 6-14yrs, Teens & Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing, Plus The Ever Popular Kali Self Defence.

  • Kassis Karate Academy

    We agree with that all kids have to learn a few form of self-defence – irrespective of age! Just like gaining knowledge of to swim, gaining knowledge of a way to defend themselves is essential for all kids. When kids learn how to develop this talent

  • Karate for Kids | Karate Classes

    Karate for Kids offers a safe, happy and encouraging environment where your children will learn self defence, become “stranger aware” and learn how to deal with other kids at school as well as developing personal discipline and confidence while getting ac

  • C2 Martial Arts the best Martial Arts School in Perth West

    C2 Martial Arts is a Legion 13 academy and we are a Legion 13 affiliate. We are located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We train our students with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi and we teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with ‘No Gi’ at our academy. Even if you’re smaller, petite, or ‘weaker’ C2 will teach yourself the skills and techniques necessary to escape undue harm. Self-defense is critical in the times we live in. Don’t leave yourself powerless. Book in your free, no-obligation trial with us today! We cater to kids (5+), teenagers, and adults.

  • Guardian Defence

    At Guardian, we are committed to helping you learn awesome skills that will make you safer and fitter. Be it Self-Defence to keep you and your family safe, Parkour skills to get you through life with more speed (whilst looking way cooler). We have the team of instructors, the range of styles, and awesome community of students, that will get you motivated and learning.

  • Martial Arts Melbourne

    Alexander Santos’s Brazilian jiu jitsu is the best institution for Martial Arts Melbourne. Jiujitsu Melbourne helps you learn different self defense moves. Contact us for BJJ Melbourne, Kids jiu jitsu.

  • Judo Melbourne

    Senshi academy is a 380 square meter, state of the art Martial Arts Academy in Thomastown, 20 km North of the Melbourne CBD. Senshi Academy is the premier Martial Arts Academy in Thomastown, Melbourne. Senshi offers classes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA.

  • Samurai Karate

    Samurai Karate International was first settled in 1980 by Hanshi Paul Mitchell. Our affiliation is partnered with Japan, having a genealogy spreading over back to the start of Japanese Karate, through the lessons of Sensei’s Kawata, Tani, and Mabuni

  • Sports

    DOS TAEKWONDO is an academy like no other. Be it physical, mental or even spiritual fitness, our school is the best when it comes to training in the martial art.

  • Martial Arts Sports Coaching in Melbourne

    Martial arts sports coaching will help you achieve your sporting excellence with sports coaching courses up to and including diploma in sports coaching/sports development, specializing in martial arts.

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  • Casey Elite Martial Arts

    We offer the best karate, yoga, BJJ, self-defense training & more for kids & adults, by the most qualified instructors who live for the martial arts. Enquire now! A safe and effective approach to Martial Arts, All ages, All fitness levels,Fight t

  • Martial Arts School Narre Warren

    At Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, candidates don’t just come from Hallam, significant number of candidates come from nearby suburbs like Hampton Park and Endeavour hills, Narre Warren, Berwick, cranbourne and dandenong.

  • Kali Selfe Defense

    Kali Self Defence is a modern synthesis of several traditional Filipino Martial Arts and South East Asian Martial Arts. The training concepts of Kali Self Defence are composed of several sub-systems. These sub-systems are Panantukan (Filipino Dirty Boxing), Sikaran (Filipino Kickboxing), Sinawali (Double Sticks), Solo Baston (Single Stick), Daga (Knife Fighting), Espada Y Daga (Sword and Dagger), Kadena De Mano (Close Quarter Fighting), Dumog (Filipino Grappling) Bankow (Modern Bo Staff Fighting) and different approach of Pencak Silat. In addition, Kali Self Defence is heavily influenced by the Muay Boran and Western Boxing Concept.

  • Life Martial Arts

    Life Gym provides world class programs to every one of every age, gender, skill and fitness level to the highest standards of excellence that you can expect as well as the highest quality instruction available anywhere in the world. Each program has been carefully developed in order to maximize your growth and learning all while having fun in an amazing environment and community of people.

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensborough Martial Arts

    Wing chun greensborough martial arts teaches wing chun, wooden dummy, chi sao, wing chun forms and techniques in Greensborough, a northern suburb of Melbourne. The school is open 6 days per week.

  • John Donehue MMA

    Get improved mixed martial arts training with John Donehue MMA in Melbourne. We provide a free class to new students and are the leading choice for fight gyms in the area. Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment and is family-friendly. To learn about our courses, including jiu-jitsu, wrestling, MMA, Muay Thai, and more, visit

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