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  • Kokusai Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate & Kobudo Kai

    International karate school of combined martial arts based in Sydney, Australia.

  • Samana Yoga

    Hi, My name is Kirsteen and I am the founder, facilitator and principle teacher at Samana Yoga in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia. I am a Registered Level 2 teacher & Volunteer with Yoga Australia and trained in the traditional Krishnamacharya Lineage of yoga. I have completed over 1000 hours of training & continue to study & immerse myself in all things yoga & wellbeing. I am a black belt in the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo & that was what sparked my interest in Yoga around 25 years ago. I believe, and want to make sure, that Yoga is available for Every Body!

  • Tai Chi classes melbourne

    Many of our members have been with us for 5yrs, 10yrs and even from the very first class in 1996! we teach Tai Chi, KungFu, Wushu, Bagua Zhang & Xingyi Quan

  • Ortiz Martial Arts Academy

    We teach in a safe, professional, and controlled environment which fosters fun, friendship, and respect. Come along and see for yourself. Your child will feel safer, confident in emergencies/hostile situations or just in breaking their fall.

  • Ortiz Martial Arts Academy

    We teach in a safe, professional, and controlled environment which fosters fun, friendship, and respect. Come along and see for yourself. Your child will feel safer, confident in emergencies/hostile situations or just in breaking their fall.

  • Man Ho Academy of Martial Arts

    Our purpose is to help you achieve your goals, the Academy offers MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS training for all ages & abilities. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, be able to defend yourself, learn self-discipline, or increase your confidence, concentration, and focus, The ACADEMY has a training program to suit your needs.

  • Melbourne Wing Chun Classes

    Sifu Maurice is the founder of Melbourne Sport & Street Wing Chun Kung Fu, he currently teaches at 36 Angelique Grove, Albanvale. This is located right next to the Brimbank shopping centre. Women’s self defense classes are offered as well as for children and males. We are affiliated to the Arnett Sport Kung Fu academy in Jacksonville Florida, USA. which is run by Grandmaster Anthony Arnett. Furthermore he is responsible for Sifu Maurice certification to level 10 gold Sash in wing Chun and also Honorary Black Belt in Arnett Sports Kung Fu 10 years ago. Arnett has won over 4000 trophies martial arts tournaments since 1974. Grandmaster Felix Leong master of three Wing Chun lineages presented Sifu Maurice with an instructor level certificate for Hong Kong Wing Chun last year. Lastly is training continues visiting Felix several times a year.

  • Casey Elite Martial Arts

    BJJ is a ground-based grappling style of fighting that uses the technique to defeat the opponent. The practitioner uses joint locks, chokeholds and submission hold. BJJ can be used by a person of any size because it uses a leverage system to control

  • Invictus Gym

    Welcome to Invictus MMA Gym , a World class training facility and coaching. Specialising in Martial arts and fitness for Kids/Teens/Adults of all levels.Take the first step and contact us for your free trial pass.

  • Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate

    Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate is an international association whose character is to promote and preserve Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do, while encouraging friendship and co-operation. Our style is a complete art that is well suited to Self Defence, Fitness, Discipline and Character Development. Traditional Goju Ryu is a non-sport system practised for real self defence situations, health, longevity and self discovery. The bi-product of this is a complete self defence system using grappling, punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes and open-handed techniques. The emphasis is on close-combat fighting, with focus on manipulation of joints and vital points, strangulation, throwing techniques and ground fighting. You will also learn many important foundations such as generating power, grounding, tension/relaxation and body evasion.

  • Tang Soo Tao Karate

    Silo’s Tang Soo Tao Karate – The Best Marital Arts Centre For Teaching Karate Classes for Children & Adults In Geelong Are you looking for a reputed centre for teaching martial arts classes in Victoria? Well, consider approaching Silo’s Tang Soo Tao Karate. Sa Bom Dominic Silo established Tang Soo Tao Karate and has more than 2 decades of experience in teaching Karate. Let your child develop confidence and self-esteem by joining them in our martial arts training classes. Our Services Silo’s Tang Soo Tao Karate offers a wide range of Korean martial arts classes for children and adults. Our martial arts experts focus on teaching how to balance body, mind and spirit in methods of self-defence to all our learners. The martial classes offered by us will provide confidence to your child.

  • Knockoutma

    The knockoutma learning classes like martial arts, self defense program for children or kids, karate classes, Martial art training for beginners, Taekwondo School is best-trained kids or children in the world with Australia based.

  • Martial Arts Spirit

    Join one of Australia's leading martial arts clubs. Nationally recognised programs including the mini rangers program from 3 years old as featured on sunrise and channel 7 news. Call 1300 627 853 to book your trial today.

  • Rise Training Centre

    RISE Training Centre is the Fraser Coast’s home of Combat Sports and Fitness. RISE offers high quality coaching with a full timetable of classes that will suit all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Whether you are training for fitness, self defence, self confidence, physical and mental health or just for fun, RISE has created a positive, supportive environment for you to achieve your goals.

  • Taekwondo Sydney

    Taekwondo Sydney is not your average taekwondo school. We are an academy that does not only train students’ how to fight, but we train our students’ the art and discipline of taekwondo martial arts.

  • Yushukan Applied Karate

    At Yushukan Karate we work with people who want to improve their overall health and fitness both mentally and physically and gain valuable self-defense skills. Most people struggle to find a fitness activity that provides results and maintains their interest over time. As well as that, another struggle is finding a martial art that suits you and provides a place where you feel comfortable and encouraged.

  • International Cheng Ming

    Offering Tai Chi Classes to the local Diamond Creek, Eltham, Greensborough and surrounding communities. Call or email for more information.

  • Team GMF

    If you are looking for something that is fun and help you get in shape, there is nothing better than joining martial arts classes in Sydney. GMF is the most sought-after destination for fitness classes, fighter’s classes, martial arts classes.

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