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  • FDNA Telehealth

    Imagine a world where every person?s genome serves as their medical record to guide health decisions. We?re well on our way?genomic analysis is becoming the clinical standard in diagnostic evaluations, and artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of technologies that enable it. Used by 70% of the world?s geneticists across 2,000 clinical sites in over 130 countries, FDNA?s next-generation phenotyping (NGP) technologies capture, structure and analyze complex human physiological data to produce actionable genomic insights. FDNA?s database includes an unprecedented depth of phenotypic and genotypic information associated with more than 10,000 diseases, crowdsourced from real-world patient cases through our broad network of users. This de-identified data is collected and stored in a private and secure cloud-based clinical warehouse, and integrated to LIMS, EMR and variant interpretation systems through a set of open APIs.

  • AlphaBiolabs DNA Testing

    Established in 2004, AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning UK laboratory providing DNA testing, drug testing and alcohol testing to members of the public, legal clients and workplaces. The lab is accredited to the demanding ISO 17025 standard and Ministry.

  • DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd

    DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company is one of the fastest growing companies in genetic and biochemical diagnostic testing. DNA Forensics Lab is India’s first Private DNA Lab. The company strives to provide A-grade solutions with the help of highly qualified staff, updated technology and extensive molecular diagnostic network for different ailments on a laboratory scale.

  • DNA Testing Laboratory | DNA testing services

    DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd is profiled as a prominent leader of DNA testing companies in India. We have a broad portfolio of tests including DNA paternity testing, maternity DNA testing, sibling-ship DNA testing, Kinship testing, Immigration DNA testing, Cell line authentication, DNA profiling and many more.

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  • DNAwise Genetic Test

    Secretes of your health and fitness Package for all age groups DNAwise provides saliva-based genetic testing. There is no need to go for blood tests or lab tests to know your DNA. You just have to spit into the DNAwise kit and send it back to our address. That’s it. With your spit, only Indus will help you to reveal the secret of your health, fitness, and nutrition. Order it, Spit in it, Pack it, Send it we will guide changes you could make to personalize your lifestyle.

  • South Florida Covid Testing - East Boca

    Covid Testing in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Surrounding Southeast Florida areas. By appointment only.

  • BRCA Test - DNA labs India is Ranked as India's no1 Genetic DNA Test Lab with 3000 sample collection centers across India for DNA Test, NIPT Test, BRCA Test, Genetic Test, Paternity Test and Clinical Exome Test.

  • Paternity and Relationship DNA Testing

    We specialize in legal and private paternity testing, sibling DNA test, grandparent DNA testing, Aunt or Uncle DNA test, and Twin Zygosity DNA test. 100% accurate at the lowest price to consumers. Results in 1-2 business days.

  • Genetic testing in pregnancy

    U Uturn9 - Prenatal Paternity Test and Genetic Testing in Pregnancy, examine a genes, usually in order to estimate their risk of a particular disease, determine the exact cause Genetic testing involves examining your DNA, the chemical database that carries instructions for your body's functions. Genetic testing can reveal changes (mutations) in your genes that may cause illness or disease. Although genetic testing can provide important information for diagnosing, treating and preventing illness, there are limitations. For example, if you're a healthy person, a positive result from genetic testing doesn't always mean you will develop a disease. On the other hand, in some situations, a negative result doesn't guarantee that you won't have a certain disorder. Talking to your doctor, a medical geneticist or a genetic counselor about what you will do with the results is an important step in the process of genetic testing.

  • DNA Testing Singapore by Map My Gene

    With a DNA gene testing kit, you will be better equipped to achieve your best. Map My Gene Singapore is the destination to test your edge at a reasonable price.

  • Pro Safety and Training

    Pro Safety and Training are leading providers in face fit testing, Resp-Fit face fit test training and RPE consulting and have been testing for over 6 years.

  • Face match DNA center

    DNA Facial Recognition Testing: We pioneered the technique. DNA Facial Recognition Testing is quickly becoming the fastest way of DNA testing in the industry!

  • GenepoweRx leading health tech from Hyderabad for Genome

    GenepoweRx is the leading genome company in Hyderabad. They conduct DNA Analysis, Genome Profiling, oncogenomics, diabetes screening, pharmacogenomics, etc. Knowing your biomarkers and physical makeup helps in making informed choices. It also cut down on health-related issues and medical stress.

  • Forensic DNA testing

    We provide a variety of DNA testing options for you, ranging from Facial Recognition DNA Testing, paternity tests, immigration testing, noninvasive prenatal tests and much more. Our legally admissible paternity test costs $320. Our Facial Recognitio

  • North Georgia Vision Center, Inc.

    Optometrist In Rock Spring, GA

  • Website

    DNA Testing in Hattiesburg, MS

  • Prevent Your Hair Loss with Biotin

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  • Immigration DNA Tests in India for VISA Approval

    DDC Laboratories offer most accredited and reliable Immigration DNA Tests in India for VISA approval. For more detail or services, call us at +91-7042446667

  • Palmetto Testing and Compliance

    We partner with companies, local governments and individuals to provide drug, alcohol, DNA, background and compliance solutions.

  • Single-cell DNA Methylation Sequencing

    CD Genomics’s Single-Cell Sequencing conference focuses on the links between cell variation in tissues and organ function and further elucidates the origins of diseases.

  • Accurate Drug & DNA Paternity Testing

    Accurate DNA testing offers both personal and legal sibling DNA testing facilities to our customers throughout California. With our latest technology and best sibling DNA testing solutions, we cater to the DNA testing needs of people of Oakland, San France.

  • Test Me DNA

    DNA Paternity Testing Anchorage: Order a Home DNA Test Kit or Legal DNA Testing. Easy Test Setup With Full Customer Support. Receive Results In 3-5 Days.

  • Genetic Testing Near Me - Genetic Testing Brisbane

    Genetic Testing Brisbane And Telehealth. We Help You Understand Genetic Testing Options So That You Can Make A Decision That's Right For You.

  • Accu-Screen Inc.

    Drug Testing in Shawnee, KS

  • Test Me DNA

    Test Me DNA Abilene, TX Offers Many Types of Paternity Tests to Help Families Establish Biological Relationships. Discover Relationships and Get Peace of Mind.

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  • Test Me DNA

    DNA Paternity Testing Gardendale, AL: Test Me DNA is a Leader within the DNA Testing Industry by Providing Accurate and Trusted DNA Paternity Testing Solutions.

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