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  • guidechem

    Uriah Sweety is the freelance writer for e-commerce website in the chemistry. is just a place for you to look for some chemicals! Our guidechem provide the most convenient conditions for the international buyers and let these leads bene

  • Carbohydrate synthesis

    BOC Sciences’ advanced capabilities in carbohydrate synthetic area, purification and identification has benefited our customers in academia, research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical at all stages of R&D from basic research to clinical

  • Custom Synthesis

    Customers are also welcome to provide literature methods or their own synthetic routes in which all relevant information such as reaction time, solvent, temperature, analytic data, purification method, yield, etc. is detailed.

  • Chem Service Inc.

    Chem Service Inc., established in 1962, is the largest independent supplier, providing companies and educational institutions of analytical reference materials and the original source of small quantities of organic chemicals.

  • Chemical Shoppe

    Solutioun to your every problem is Chemical Shoppe. Because Chemical Shoppe provides for a consolidated network which unifies all producers of the chemical and consumable commodities. we ensure the delivery at your door steps, no matter how gigantic.

  • Chemical Search Engine is the search engine of the chemical world. The best place for chemists and chemica

  • Haihang Industry Co.,Ltd. - leading Chemical manufacturer

    Haihang industry is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic raw materials. The company is mainly engaged in the production and wholesale of chemical raw materials. Mainly for the world's chemical manufacturers, laboratories, personal DIY use.


    Marinewaze is a nationwide marine electronics retailer, supplying electrical and electronic products for the marine, outdoor, and personal navigation markets at competitive prices. Also, we have the most extensive selection of wholesale marine electr

  • Post set foam for mailboxes|Fence post mix|GRA Secureset|OK

    Willing to buy post set foam for flagpoles online?Secureset offers the best post set foam for pergolas & post set foam for flagpoles. Secure Set offers a solution of polyurethane post setting foam. Order online at a low price.Call us today at 405-672-

  • Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

    Royel Corp WET - Manufacture Prices Starting at 14.95 - 5 Gallon Pails: Alondra Detergent, Rhea Detergent, Soffia Softener, Alondra Pillows - Join Our Company - Detergent Fundraiser & Soap + Fundraising Program - Make Over 100% Profit! Contact us: 77

  • Lubricants | Automotive Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Com

    INZIN Genuine Product Manufacturer And Supplier of Lubricants – We Are Manufacturing Specialist Two Wheeler & Four Wheeler Engine Oil, Diesel, Petrol & Gas Engine Oil, Automotive and Industrial Gear oil, Hydraulic Oil, Cutting oil, Transmission.

  • Greases | Automotive Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

    Inzin Grease Manufacturers – Find the the best grease manufacturers in India. We are the best inzin grease manufacturers, suppliers, importer & exporter in India.

  • HIV Related Peptides

    Therapeutic peptides and proteins as HIV-1 inhibitors have many advantages, such as high specificity and affinity to their molecular targets, and HIV-1 mutants are difficult to avoid these molecules, and are gradually becoming an alternative strategy

  • SQ ChemDirect

    Exclusive online distributor for SQ brand Chemical products for the Automotive, Janitorial and Industrial sectors.

  • Zhonglan Industry Co.,Ltd. - leading fine chemical products

    Zhonglan Industry Co.,Ltd. manufacture and supply quality fine chemical products. Lowest price. Flexible payment terms. Fast delivery. Get more info & quotes now!

  • International Enviroguard

    International Enviroguard offers an extensive selection of disposable protective clothing, chemical suits, cleanroom apparel, tacky mats, carpet film, and a wide assortment of other personal protective equipment for many industries.

  • ChemicalLabel

    Find the best chemical labels of USA at ChemicalLabels. Our pre-printed ANSI labels with chemical titles help your employees know which chemicals they are handling and alert them against hazards posed by chemicals.

  • Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd

    Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of Metallic powders, Metal Compounds Nano powders. We can customize products according to customers special requirements.

  • Buy Research Substances Online

    Welcome to We Are NUMBER ONE Online Vendor Readily Available To Solve All Your Research Chemicals, Pain And Sleeping Medications Needs. We Offer You Best Quality Products At Very Affordable Prices.

  • Asle chem Ltd

    We have been in supplying research chemicals for over 4 years and have gained a great reputation amongst researchers both online and offline. We are a specialized supplier of innovative research chemical agents that can be used for laboratory testing

  • Chemical Traders In Amritsar

    Sanil Chemicals are one of the best rubber and textile chemical traders in Amritsar, Punjab (India). We deliver various types of rubber and textile chemicals throughout India.

  • engineer | engineering | engineering news.

    Engineer Live - European and Woldwide Magazines for: Design, Process, Electronics, Chemical, Asia-Pacific, Oil & Gas, Power, Energy and Hydrographic & Seismic Engineer

  • Impurities

    BOC Sciences manufactures thousands of pharmaceutical impurities, degradations, metabolites of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and excipients in accordance with the guidelines and limits described in the international pharmacopeia monographs for m

  • Fluorescent labeling

    Various labeling techniques are developed in BOC Sciences such as enzymatic labeling, protein labeling, genetic labeling and quantum dot are widely utilized to meet our customers' need. Just contact for more information.

  • Biosynthesis

    The maturing petroleum-based chemical industry, the pressures of environmental constraints and the explosive development of biotechnology have increased the interest in catalysis in enzymology. Just contact for more information.

  • modulators

    Small-molecule modulators are a well-established class of potential useful drugs. Our products are included in all kinds of fields of Medical and Pharmaceutical research, such as Neurological Disease, Cancer, Metabolic Disease and so on.

  • X-ray crystallography

    BOC Sciences’ X-ray crystallography service utilizes its experiences and proprietary technology to assist clients in employing X-ray crystallography characterisation in their drug discovery. Our services include crystallization screening, X-ray crys

  • Metabolites

    Metabolites are the products of enzyme-catalyzed reactions that occur naturally within cells. The term metabolite is usually used to describe small molecules, while broader application is often practiced.

  • Formulation Service

    Pre-formulation studies in combination with analytical methods are critical to identifying the best formulation strategy for a compound. Certain candidates present specific challenges such as poor solubility, low bioavailability and/or permeability.

  • Aquablue Silica Gel Manufacturer

    Leading Manufacturer of Silica Gel Products . Silica Gel Blue,Silica Gel White,Chromatography Grade Silica Gel,Silica Gel Pouch,Silica Gel Orange,Desiccant Pouch,Silica Gel Beads White/Blue/Orange,Activated Clay Desiccant,Container Desiccant Pouch,A

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