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  • Customer Experience Consulting

    Our AI platform helps mid-sized businesses develop a competitive advantage using real-time customers behavior insights. This allows businesses to tailor their offerings and retention strategies. We work with key decision-makers of mid-sized retailers with some digital presence to equip them with actionable insights into Campaign Management, Customer Engagement and Retention Management.

  • Opporture

    Opporture is a content giant that helps businesses of all sizes and sectors train their artificial intelligence models. Our AI specialists are dedicated to making AI more human by teaching algorithms to precisely mimic and understand human behavior. Our AI model training services in content moderation, annotation, tagging, and labelling aid companies in producing material that is both engaging and secure for their target demographic in Canada and other places worldwide.


    Welcome to AI Surge, your go-to destination for daily updates on the latest happenings in the world of Artificial Intelligence! At AI Surge, we bring you a daily dose of AI-related news, keeping you in the loop with the most exciting developments and breakthroughs. Our mission is to make the complex world of AI accessible to everyone. Whether you're an industry expert or just starting to dip your toes into the AI waters, AI Surge is designed to cater to all levels of interest. We break down intricate concepts into simple, easy-to-understand updates, ensuring that you stay informed without the jargon overload. Expect a daily feed of articles covering a wide spectrum of AI topics – from cutting-edge research and innovative applications to the latest trends and discussions shaping the AI landscape. Our team of passionate AI enthusiasts sifts through the noise to bring you the most relevant and impactful stories, making AI Surge your one-stop-shop for staying abreast of the AI revolution.

  • Counter Intuitive Leadership Strategies - Obsidian Human

    How can you disengage from the "old rules" style that overtakes your natural process in order to try approach leadership in ways that better suit the new environment?

  • Navigating North America's 2023 Hiring Landscape - Obsidian

    In the dynamic world of employment, 2023 has ushered in transformative changes to North America's hiring landscape. From the emergence of vast and profound technological advancements to the evolution within job market dynamics - it is ever more important to delve into the current data regarding recruitment within hiring processes and understanding the supportive role professional recruitment services can provide in the continued competition for talent.

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