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  • Walter's Shoe Care

    Walter's was founded in Montreal in 1893 and is a privately-held, proudly Canadian enterprise. Today the company is a 4th generation family-run corporation with a history of service, stability, integrity and reliability.

  • Daniel and Heather real Estate

    Real estate is forever changing, adjusting and adapting to our new way of life. But one thing that is forever consistent, is the solidarity and security that owning real estate provides. Although markets can rise and fall over short terms, real estate in the long term is one of the safest investments you can make. Being in the Golden Horseshoe is just a further bonus. Durham Region has seen drastic advancements over the last 20 years, and we are just getting started. If you are looking to buy or sell in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington, or Bowmanville, please call us today for a free consultation from Real Estate Agent Durham. Visit our Facebook page and follow us to keep up to date on real estate news.

  • Feng Shui Market

    Feng Shui Market is an online store offering the finest in BTB Feng Shui Products , including Feng Shui Books, Feng Shui Online Learning, Feng Shui Crystals, Feng Shui Mirrors, Laminated Bagua Maps, Feng Shui Cards & Posters, Space Clearing Tools, and specialty items including I-Ching coins, Feng Shui Red String & Red Envelopes, and so much more. We also carry the much sought after and popular Koshi Wind Chimes and our own hand-made chime stands.

  • WowHowCool.Com

    The world's most innovative speaker allows any surface to play amazing music.

  • True North Cannabis Co - North Bay Algonquin

    True North Cannabis Co. is Ontario's largest retail cannabis shop. We’re extremely excited to be a part of the recreational cannabis space and are eager to help service your cannabis curiosities. We have the best Prices in Town, with a Guaranteed price match if anyone has lower prices. At True North Cannabis Co., we want to make sure that we give our customers the best prices. With locations popping up all across the province, we encourage you to check out what the buzz is all about. Come say hi to us at our North Bay Algonquin location! Contact person: Melissa Lopez Contact email: [email protected] Phone: 705-472-7412 Business hours: Monday 10am–9 pm Tuesday 10 am–9 pm Wednesday 10 am–9 pm Thursday 10 am–10 pm Friday 10 am–10 pm Saturday 10 am–10 pm Sunday 10.00 am–8 pm

  • Calgary Weed Delivery

    The Canadian Cannabis Connoisseur's Club, also known as the 4C Club, or 4C Dispensary, offers unbeatable prices and selection on all cannabis products in Calgary. With marijuana dispensaries in both South and North Calgary, our weed delivery service caters to the entire city of Calgary.

  • Chief of Staff insights - Luupdin Chief Of Staff

    We test our candidates with our trademark Luupdin Behavioural Resource and Personality Testing so that in addition to top talent, we know you receive a perfect personal fit to get you back to optimal efficiency and effective leadership.

  • How do you know when a Chief of Staff is right for you?

    These multi-talented professionals wear many hats, with multifarious responsibilities. They encapsulate the direction that drives teams forward, while also acting as the glue to ease communications and unite people. Chiefs of staff are often the right hand to executives — most commonly presidents, heads of departments, and chief executive officers (CEOs).

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  • Chiefs of staff are integral to productivity - Luupdin Chief

    Across industries, chiefs of staff are integral to productivity and effectiveness. These multi-talented professionals wear many hats, with multifarious responsibilities. They encapsulate the direction that drives teams forward, while also acting as the glue to ease communications and unite people.

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  • Luupdin Chief Of Staff - Chief Of Staff Employment Agency

    As a Chief of Staff, you hold one of the most imperative and central roles filled with a diverse mix of exceptional skills. If working directly with the highly accomplished CEO’s, leaders, and top executives of attractive world-class companies interests you – submit your resume and cover letter to us.

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  • Luupdin Chief Of Staff - Role of a Chief of Staff

    We work with industry disrupting, dynamic, sexy companies. Want to be Chief of Staff to a well-recognized and established corporation, or a Chief of Staff in startup?

  • Visit By Santa

    Would you like to have Santa make an appearance at your home, next function or business event but don’t know his number at the North Pole? Not to worry, Edmontons premium Santa service, Visit By Santa has you covered.

  • Insights for Retaining Talent Archives - Luupdin Chief

    Luupdin Chief Of Staff helps Executives buy back their time through hiring the right personal Chief of Staff.

  • Leaders - Luupdin Chief Of Staff

    When the demands of your growing organization overtake your schedule, you may benefit from an Executive Business Partner – a Chief of Staff.

  • How to Buy Back Happiness - Luupdin Chief Of Staff

    If you start a general Google search with “Are Executives happy…”, one of the most popular search strings that gets provided to you ends with this: “with how they spend their time?”

  • Chief of Staff - Placement Agency

    Every Executive can benefit from the direct, personal support of a Chief of Staff. They work exclusively for you, broadening your reach across your organization. We know that leaders are challenged for time and that is why we started an agency that can support Executives in buying back their time.

  • The Second Life of the Chief of Staff - Luupdin Chief

    When we hear the words “Chief of Staff” many of us immediately think of those lucrative right-hand roles in the government sector. Fascinating shows like West Wing or House of Cards may have brought more public attention to an otherwise prominent behind-the-scenes role.

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