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  • % Different Percentages Calculators, With Explana­tions

    % Different percentages calculators, convert numbers & fractions to percentages, calculate the relative percent change (relative increase / decrease), change numbers by value percentage (increment / decrement), convert percentages to decimals or integers. Detailed explanations

  • Binary System Numbers, Base Two & Computer Rep­resen­ta­tion

    Numerical conversions explained. Convert integers to: unsigned / signed binary, binary in one's and two's complement representation. And back. Decimal numbers to 32/64 Bit Single/Double Precision IEEE 754 Binary Floating Point Standard System. And back.

  • Leap Years Calculator. The Leap Year Algorithm

    Is it a leap year? Determine whether the year is a leap year or not. Calculate the last leap year before & the next leap year after a certain year. The leap year algorithm, explained.

  • Numbers Converters to Words: Write Out Numbers in English

    Online Converters: 1. Write out numbers in words: Cardinal (integers, decimals). Ordinal (position in a list). 2. Sums of money: USD Dollar currency amounts. Write US checks. 3. Time / American and British English: Telling time. Years. Calendar dates. Spell out numbers in eight different letter cases.

  • Dates & Roman Numerals Converter. Roman Numerals Calculator

    1. Convert and write calendar dates using Roman numerals. 2. Hindu-Arabic numbers to Roman numerals. 3. Check that the Roman numerals are valid. Write them as regular numbers. 4. Roman numerals addition and subtraction: calculating with Roman numerals.

  • Calculator procentaje: calculeaz? procente, moduri diferite

    Calculatoare diferite de procentaje (procente din numere), transform? numere ?i frac?ii ordinare sau zecimale, calculeaz? cre?terea ?i sc?derea procentual? relativ?, m?re?te sau mic?oreaz? procentual numere, transform? din valori procentuale în procente.

  • Conversii numere în sistem binar, baza 2 & limbaj calculator

    Transform? întregi din sistemul zecimal în: binar cu / f?r? semn, în reprezentarea în complement fa?? de unu / doi. Din numere binare în întregi cu / f?r? semn. Sistem binar pe 32 / 64 bi?i, precizie simpl? / dubl?, în virgul? mobil? în standard IEEE 754

  • Calculator ani bisec?i. Algoritmul anului bisect

    Ce este un an bisect? Algoritmul anului bisect (cum se calculeaz?). Calculator pentru a determina dac? un este bisect sau nu. Determin? care este urm?torul an bisect dup? anul verificat. Care este ultimul an bisect înainte de anul verificat.

  • Transform? numere în cuvinte scrise cu litere, limba român?

    Scrie numere cu litere: 1. Cardinale (numere întregi, zecimale). Ordinale (indic? pozi?ia într-o list?). 2. Sume de bani: sume în (RON) lei. Completeaz? cecuri în ?apte pa?i. 3. Timpul: Cât este ora? Ani. Data calendaristic?. Scrie?i numerele în opt feluri diferite.

  • Fractions: Theory & Mat­h Operations Online Calculators

    Fractions operations run automatically, with extensive explanations: Reduce (simplify) fractions. Convert integers, terminating & repeating decimal numbers to fractions / percentages. Compare / sort multiple fractions. Add, subtract & multiply fractions.

  • Round off Numbers. Calculate & Learn How to Add and Subtract

    1. Round Off Positive and Negative Numbers to Whole or Decimal Places 2. Add and Subtract Numbers and Learn How To Do It: Calculate the Sum and the Difference and Learn How To Calculate by Using the Column Method, From Right to Left. Detailed explanations

  • Frac?ii: Teorie & Calculatoare online cu opera?ii matematice

    Simplific? frac?ii ordinare la cea mai simpl? form? echivalent?, ireductibil?. Transform? întregi, numere zecimale ?i frac?ii periodice în frac?ii ?i procente. Compar? ?i sorteaz? cresc?tor frac?ii ordinare. Adun?, scade ?i înmul?e?te frac?ii ordinare.

  • Rotunje?te numere. Calculeaz? & înva?? cum se adun? / scade

    Rotunjirea numerelor pozitive ?i negative la pozi?ii întregi sau zecimale. Adun? ?i scade numere: calculeaz? suma sau diferen?a ?i înva?? cum se adun? numere cu mai multe cifre, metoda adun?rii pe coloane, de la dreapta la stânga. Explica?ii pas cu pas

  • Mat­hemati­cal Operations With Prime Numbers

    Online Calculators: Prime factorization, into prime factors. The greatest common factor. The least common multiple. Fractions reducing (simplifying). Numbers divisibility. All the factors (divisors) of numbers. Relatively prime numbers. Even / odd numbers

  • Citation Generation Tools & Definitive Guides

    CiteTotal is the definitive guide to academic referencing and writing. Our resources are free to access for all students, making it easy to get the help you need to make your work flawless. With tools and guides for every style of referencing, CiteTotal has everything you need to improve your writing skills. So come on over and see what we’re all about!

  • Opera?ii matematice cu numere prime

    8 calculatoare online: Descompunerea numerelor în factori primi. Cel mai mare divizor comun. Cel mai mic multiplu comun. Simplificarea frac?iilor. Divizibilitatea numerelor. Calcularea divizorilor numerelor. Numere coprime. Paritate: num?r par sau impar?

  • Live Website Designing Training in Bhubaneswar

    CS web solution is one of the leading website designing training centers in Bhubaneswar that guarantees the understudy's adequacy as recognized experts in the realm of website designing with its well laid out appraisal techniques. Giving best HTML tr

  • Fracciones: teoría y realización de operaciones matemáticas

    Reducir (simplificar) fracciones comunes a la mínima expresión. Convierte enteros, decimales y números decimales periódicos en fracciones y porcentajes. Compara y ordena fracciones en orden ascendente. Sumar, Restar y Multiplicar fracciones comunes.

  • Brüche: Theorie & Online-Rechner, mathematische Operationen

    Mathematische Operationen mit Brüchen, detaillierten Erklärungen. Kürzen Sie gewöhnliche Brüche. Konvertieren Sie Zahlen in Brüche und Prozentsätze. Vergleichen Sie und Sortieren Sie gewöhnliche Brüche. Addieren, Subtrahieren und Brüche multiplizieren.

  • Frazioni: teoria ed eseguire operazioni matematiche

    Ridurre (semplificare) le frazioni ai minimi termini. Trasforma i numeri interi, decimali e numeri decimali periodici in frazioni e percentuali. Confronta e ordina le frazioni in ordine crescente. Somma (addizione), sottrazione e moltiplicare di frazioni

  • Fractions : théorie, effectuez des opérations mathémati­ques

    Réduire (simplifier) des fractions. Convertir des entiers, des décimales et des nombres décimaux périodiques en fractions et pourcentages. Comparer et trier des fractions par ordre croissant. Additionner, soustraire et multiplier des fractions.

  • IDESIGN Solutions - STEAM Education Products

    iDESIGN Solutions provides best STEAM education products, Afinia 3D Printers, Adobe, Arduino, Avid, BirdBrain Technologies, Corel, CubePro 3D Printers by 3D Systems, Deep Freeze, EasyC, Envisioneer, Horizon Educational, littlebits, Maxon Cinema 4D, MakerB.

  • Build Educational Chatbot and Assist student in learning

    Assist students with all stages of their learning journey, recruitment, enrollment, and counseling with automated query support using Herbie.Ai Conversational Chatbot.

  • Question Paper Software

    Question Paper Software - A great question paper software to prepare question papers with inbulit question banks. For Teachers, Institutions, Schools. Question Papers in 5 Mins & Save your Valuable time.

  • IXL Math

    IXL is the Web's most comprehensive math practice site. Popular among educators and families, IXL provides unlimited questions in more than 2,000 topics. An adaptive learning system, featuring games and awards, inspires students to achieve.

  • School Management Software

    Entrar is India's most integrated and customizable school management software that not only connects every stakeholder's needs seamlessly but also to the offline and online learning worlds. Entrar offers a whole variety of real-time solutions to help run and manage the operations of K12 educational institutions efficiently throughout the academic year.

  • Best Software Training Institute in OMR Semmancheri, Chennai

    Htop Solutions is the Best Software Training institute in Chennai. Training from the beginner to advance level with 100% Placement assistance. 8489907812. We are the best Institute for job assured Course Training in Chennai. Htop Solutions provide technical training with 100 % job assistance with a course completion certificate.

  • How to Become an Oracle Developer

    Oracle software is mainly used for managing enterprises' data. It supports only authorized users to access the information. Data recovery and data security feature included in oracle. Oracle has its own memory structure to store the database. Most of the companies preferred oracle software for secured database management. Therefore demands of oracle developers are relatively increased in the job market. Oracle Training in Chennai at FITA Academy trains people who want to start their career in oracle. Before getting training in Oracle, knowledge in key technologies such as java, C++ is important for data processing. So Join Oracle Course in Chennai for getting coding knowledge. Tags: Oracle Training in Bangalore | Oracle Course in Bangalore | Oracle Training in Coimbatore | Oracle Certification Course in Coimbatore.

  • Copywrite for students

    Our database contains essays voluntarily submitted by students willing to assist those struggling with their studies. Using a special form on our website, anyone can donate a paper. All works are posted in the database after they have been reviewed to ensure that they satisfy our requirements. Our team regularly contacts the successful high school and university students to ask if they would be willing to submit any of their written work.

  • InventaTeq- Enter as Trainees, Exit as Professionals

    Inventateq is a leading training institute that offers high-quality courses in various IT and non-IT domains. Their courses are designed to help individuals and professionals enhance their skills and knowledge, thereby increasing their job opportunities and career growth. With experienced trainers and comprehensive course materials, Inventateq ensures that learners get a practical and hands-on learning experience. Their courses cover topics such as software development, data science, digital marketing, and more, making Inventateq a go-to training provider for individuals and corporates alike.

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