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Dictionary definition for: Board

1. (n) a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"

2. (v) get on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.)

3. (n) a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows"

4. (v) live and take one''s meals at or in; "she rooms in an old boarding house"

5. (n) a stout length of sawn timber; made in a wide variety of sizes and used for many purposes

6. (v) lodge and take meals (at)

7. (n) a board on which information can be displayed to public view

8. (v) provide food and lodging (for) "The old lady is boarding three men"

9. (n) a flat portable surface (usually rectangular) designed for board games; "he got out the board and set up the pieces"

10. (n) food or meals in general; "she sets a fine table" "room and board"

11. (n) electrical device consisting of an insulated panel containing switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices; "he checked the instrument panel" "suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree"

12. (n) a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer''s capabilities

13. (n) a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table" "a feast was spread upon the board"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.