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Dictionary definition for: Operate

1. (v) direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.; "She is running a relief operation in the Sudan"

2. (v) perform as expected when applied; "The washing machine won''t go unless it''s plugged in" "Does this old car still run well?" "This old radio doesn''t work anymore"

3. (v) handle and cause to function; "do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol" "control the lever"

4. (v) perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense

5. (v) happen; "What is going on in the minds of the people?"

6. (v) keep engaged; "engaged the gears"

7. (v) perform surgery on; "The doctors operated ont he patient but failed to save his life"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.