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Dictionary definition for: Ruin

1. (n) an irrecoverable state of devastation and destruction; "you have brought ruin on this entire family"

2. (v) destroy completely; damage irreparably; "You have ruined my car by pouring sugar in the tank!" "The tears ruined her make-up"

3. (n) a ruined building; "they explored several Roman ruins"

4. (v) destroy or cause to fail; "This behavior will ruin your chances of winning the election"

5. (n) the process of becoming dilapidated

6. (v) reduce to bankruptcy; "My daughter''s fancy wedding is going to break me!" "The slump in the financial markets smashed him"

7. (n) an event that results in destruction

8. (v) reduce to ruins; "The country lay ruined after the war"

9. (n) failure that results in a loss of position or reputation

10. (v) deprive of virginity; "This dirty old man deflowered several young girls in the village"

11. (n) destruction achieved by wrecking something

12. (v) fall into ruin

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.