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Dictionary definition for: Slick

1. (n) a slippery smoothness; "he could feel the slickness of the tiller"

2. (v) make slick or smooth

3. (s) having a smooth, gleaming surface; "glossy auburn hair" "satiny gardenia petals" "sleek black fur" "silken eyelashes" "silky skin" "a silklike fabric" "slick seals and otters"

4. (n) a magazine printed on good quality paper

5. (v) give a smooth and glossy appearance; "slick one''s hair"

6. (s) made slick by e.g. ice or grease; "sidewalks slick with ice" "roads are slickest when rain has just started and hasn''t had time to wash away the oil"

7. (n) a film of oil or garbage floating on top of water

8. (s) having only superficial plausibility; "glib promises" "a slick commercial"

9. (n) a trowel used to make a surface slick

10. (s) marked by skill in deception; "cunning men often pass for wise" "deep political machinations" "a foxy scheme" "a slick evasive answer" "sly as a fox" "tricky Dik" "a wily old attorney"

WordNet 2.1 Copyright Princeton University. All rights reserved.