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  • The Newswire for Crowdfunders

    LogoCFwire assists crowdfunders with performance-based capital formation campaigns consisting of high impact PR and marketing initiatives that attract a diversified global investor base to your offering.

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  • Restaurant Funding by Principis Capital

    Boost your businessÂ’ potential with Principis Capital. Offers business cash advance and merchant funding for businesses of all types and sizes.

  • Qualgro

    Qualgro is a venture capital fund in Singapore that provides funding to B2B tech startups in areas like data, SaaS, and AI.

  • Finance Investor - Espresso Capital

    Lending to fast-growing tech companies offers high returns and exceptional downside protection. Provide mission-critical or core operations software, Serve enterprise or mid-market customers, Benefit from strong, secular growth as software shifts from on-premise to the cloud.

  • The case for investing in venture debt - Espresso Capital

    In this guide, we make the case for investing in venture debt, a form of direct lending to growth-stage technology companies. Keep reading to learn about the structural features and resulting benefits of venture debt, as well as the differences between it and other investment and funding alternatives. You’ll also learn about the links between those differences and investment outcomes, and why you should consider investing in venture debt as you construct your portfolios. You can also download the full white paper in PDF form.

  • Ascentro Capital Partners - New Zealand Private Equity

    Ascentro Capital Partners is a prominent private equity, debt investment, and corporate advisory firm based in New Zealand. Their primary focus is on collaborating with visionary business owners and management teams to develop and expand outstanding companies. Their distinctive organizational abilities and exclusive network enable them to uncover private equity and debt possibilities that are not publicly available in both operating firms and real estate properties. Their investment philosophy prioritizes safeguarding investment capital and carefully examining strategies that enhance value to provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

  • H Venture Partners

    H Venture Partners is a seed, venture and early growth equity fund that invests in next generation consumer brands. We give accredited investors access to brands they love. We are investing in brands that are disrupting billion-dollar categories and changing the way we live our lives.

  • Pakistan Venture Capital

    Zayn Venture Capital (Zayn.VC) is a prominent investment firm that actively supports and funds innovative Pakistani start-ups that are revolutionizing various industries through technology. Our primary focus is on early-stage companies, and while we remain open to opportunities in all sectors, we particularly analyze each company through a FinTech lens.

  • 5 ways to qualify B2B SaaS sales leads

    Espresso Capital is a reputable organization that offers valuable resources and insights for B2B SaaS sales professionals. Their blog post titled "5 Ways to Qualify B2B SaaS Sales Leads" provides practical tips and strategies for effectively identifying and nurturing potential leads in the software as a service industry. The content is well-written, informative, and relevant to individuals seeking to enhance their sales strategies. Espresso Capital appears to be a trusted source of information in the B2B SaaS industry, helping sales professionals navigate the complexities of generating and qualifying leads. Their commitment to providing valuable resources demonstrates a dedication to supporting the success of businesses in the software as a service sector.

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  • Fix And Flip Loans | CapitalConnect

    At CapitalConnect we are committed to helping you get your deal done with a fast, simple process that gets you the funding you need to create a successful real estate project utilizing hard money.

  • The venture debt process - Espresso Capital

    Venture debt is a form of financing that complements equity and that tech founders and CEOs should consider as part of their overall capitalization strategy. It typically takes the form of a term loan or line of credit that companies can use to proactively fuel growth. In this post, we’ll look at the steps involved in securing venture debt financing.

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  • McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management

    McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management, LLC. (MSCM) is an independent registered investment advisor and comprehensive wealth management firm that services individual investors, family offices, trusts and other registered investment advisors. We prov

  • A step-by-step guide to revenue growth - Espresso Capital

    Most founders and CEOs are focused on how fast their companies are growing revenue. And while that’s important, the reality is that what they should really be focused on is revenue retention. That’s because it’s much easier to ramp up your business once you’ve mastered revenue retention than it is to fix a retention problem while you’re still scaling.

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  • A quick guide to A/B testing - Espresso Capital

    The goal of digital marketing is to drive conversions. That could mean getting someone to open an email, register for your newsletter, or download a piece of content from your website. And while there are countless factors that will affect whether or not someone takes a particular action, as a SaaS marketer, your job is to figure out what you can do to get the best results. Although it might be tempting to follow your instincts about what subject heading to use or what color to make your next call-to-action button, gut feelings aren’t enough to predict what will make your potential audience click and convert. Instead, you’ve got to use A/B testing to optimize everything that you do.

  • 4 questions you should ask before raising venture debt

    Espresso Capital is a well-established financial organization that specializes in providing venture debt and other financial services to startups and high-growth companies. With a strong focus on helping businesses access the capital they need to grow and succeed, Espresso Capital offers valuable resources and guidance for entrepreneurs looking to raise venture debt. Their blog provides insightful advice and information on the key questions that companies should consider before pursuing venture debt financing. Overall, Espresso Capital is a reputable and reliable partner for businesses seeking strategic financial solutions in the competitive world of startup financing.

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  • As FAQs surge with COVID-19, Inference Solutions comes

    At Espresso Capital, we’re continuing to share positive stories about how our portfolio companies are working in the fight against COVID-19. Here we describe the work that San Francisco-based Inference Solutions is doing to help organizations tackle one of the challenges the virus has created.

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  • 5 TED Talks for Tech Founders and CEOs | Espresso Capital

    Espresso Capital is an organization that provides financing solutions and resources for tech companies. They offer valuable insights and advice to tech founders and CEOs through their blog, where they recommend TED Talks that can be beneficial for technology leaders. By curating a list of informative and inspiring talks, Espresso Capital demonstrates their commitment to supporting the growth and success of tech companies. Through their blog, they showcase their expertise in the tech industry and highlight their dedication to helping tech founders and CEOs navigate the challenges and opportunities in the fast-paced world of technology. Overall, Espresso Capital serves as a valuable resource for tech companies seeking guidance and support in their entrepreneurial journey.

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  • Start by diagnosing your customer’s pain points

    Before you ever even think about doing a product demo, make sure that you fully appreciate the fact that your customer has a problem that you need to solve. Use your discovery call with them to inquire about their specific pain points and to make sure that you fully understand them. Then, when it comes time to move forward with a product demo, take the time to structure the conversation around showing your customer exactly how your product can address those particular challenges.

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  • How to Sail Through the Due Diligence Process

    Espresso Capital is a leading provider of growth financing solutions for technology companies. With a focus on non-dilutive capital, they help businesses accelerate their growth by providing flexible financing options. Their team of experienced professionals guides companies through the due diligence process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Through their blog, Espresso Capital shares valuable insights and resources to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of raising capital and scaling their businesses. By offering innovative financing solutions and expert guidance, Espresso Capital empowers technology companies to reach their full potential and achieve their growth goals.

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  • 5 Pieces of Advice for SaaS CEOs for Success | Espresso Capital

    Espresso Capital is a finance company that provides funding to Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. They offer resources and advice to help SaaS CEOs successfully grow their businesses. The organization seems to have a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced by SaaS companies and aims to provide support to help them thrive in a competitive market. Through their blog, they offer valuable insights and advice on various topics relevant to SaaS CEOs, such as fundraising, scaling, and operations. Overall, Espresso Capital appears to be a valuable resource for SaaS companies looking to accelerate their growth and achieve success in the industry.

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  • 5 Pieces of Advice for SaaS CEOs for Success | Espresso Capi

    Espresso Capital is a financial organization that provides advice and resources for CEOs. The organization offers articles and guides on topics such as financing, growth strategies, and leadership. They aim to help CEOs navigate the complex challenges of running a successful business by addressing common questions and concerns that leaders face. With a focus on helping companies scale and succeed, Espresso Capital acts as a trusted partner for CEOs looking to make informed decisions and drive their company forward. Through their blog and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical advice for CEOs seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their business goals.

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  • How to Write Emails Your Prospects Will Actually Read

    Espresso Capital provides valuable resources and insights on enhancing email communication for businesses. With a focus on helping professionals craft effective and engaging messages, Espresso Capital offers practical tips and strategies for reaching out to prospects and driving successful communication campaigns. Through their blog, they share expertise on writing compelling emails that resonate with audiences and provide actionable advice for improving your email marketing efforts. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or new to email outreach, Espresso Capital's tips and techniques can help boost your email engagement and conversion rates, ultimately driving business growth and success in the digital realm.

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  • What are your unique requirements? - Espresso Capital

    You wouldn’t be talking if your solution couldn’t do what they need in general terms. But every customer’s situation and needs are different and you’ll want to drill down into the unique requirements they have so that you can articulate exactly how your solution can address them. If there’s something you can’t accommodate, is there a workaround? Or are new features to address it already laid out in your product roadmap? Make sure to discuss any potential gaps.

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  • Espresso Capital

    My co-founder Rob Antoniades and I have both been in venture for a long time, having previously spent a decade managing Royal Bank of Canada’s corporate venture capital program. Back then, we knew that we wanted to be life-long venture capitalists and to eventually launch an independent fund. As it turns out, the global financial crisis helped pave the way for us to do just that because the regulatory changes that followed made it difficult for banks to be directly involved in venture capital. So in 2014, we led a management buyout of the fund in partnership with some large US institutional investors. In the eight years since, we’ve raised three funds, invested in around 25 companies, and have assembled a growing team of more than 10 venture professionals.

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  • JV Partner Malaysia

    We help businesses open new business opportunities in the Malaysian market by partnering and a joint venture with other existing businesses.

  • Zurich Private Capital

    Zurich Private Capital with its European affiliates, work with Trusts, Traders, Banks, Investment Companies and financial entities World Wide to deliver industry recognised capital investments. Working through our network of relationships we are capa

  • Retrieve Lost Shares-Capital Expert

    Many investors forget about the purchase share , which they can not redeem, it is not that they are forgetful, sometimes because of losing records, they can not retrieve their lost share.Capital Expert helps you to Retrieve Lost Shares.


    News about Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital. Up-to-date company profiles of Financial Investors and M&A Advisors.

  • Probity Venture

    Probity Venture is an organization based in Pune, Maharashtra that provide a creative designing solutions for web development and also for iPhone app development.

  • Sapling Multi ventures - Venture Capital Investment Company

    Sapling Multi Ventures is one of the leading Venture Capital Investment Company in Mangalore providing venture capital, investments, Integrated facility management and property development services.

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