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  • Explorium Data Science Platform

    The Explorium Data Science Platform combines automatic data discovery, enrichment, and feature engineering to drive accurate predictive models and better business outcomes.

  • Transform usage data into - Coho AI

    Uncover high-potential PQLs by examining user behavior insights in your product journeys and pinpointing opportunities. Empower your sales team with complete visibility into user activity, delivering real-time account-level data for improving pipeline transparency and informed decision-making.

  • Your Go-To Guide To Product-Led Revenue - Coho AI

    Whether you’re aspiring to master the art of PLG or attain the competency to lead growth-focused teams in your organization, these five books are absolutely essential. Each one of them carries a treasure trove of knowledge, lessons, and frameworks that, when applied correctly, will provide a strategic advantage in crafting successful PLG initiatives.

  • Focus on the right customers - Coho AI

    Use customized reports to maintain control over your accounts. Be notified when customers grow fast, when a new champion is identified, or when a customer’s usage suddenly drops. Proactively reach out with confidence and watch your NRR soar.

  • Transform Usage Data Into Revenue - Coho AI

    Scale your revenue through complete visibility into how users use your products and what they need to reach its full potential.

  • Orchestrate your user journey - Coho AI

    Analyze how users actually use your product and what needs to be optimized to increase conversions. Create new product workflows and automations to move users down the funnel and identify usage patterns that will generate the most revenue.

  • Boost your qualified leads pipeline flow

    Discover and convert your top product qualified leads using product data insights. Ensure your outreach is tailored to each customer’s unique journey and focus on prospects who receive the greatest benefit from your product.

  • Empower Your Inbound Sales with Data-Driven Pipeline

    Prepare for unbeatable sales performance by prioritizing high-potential leads, personalizing outreach, and predicting outcomes

  • Self-service Conversions - Coho Ai

    Employ Advanced User Segmentation and Journey Mapping for Personalized Experiences and top lead identification, Segment users based on detailed persona analysis and behavioral patterns, resulting in sharper, more actionable insights.

  • Easily integrate insights - Coho AI

    Consolidate, Understand, and Leverage Your Data: Cohesive Integration with Leading SaaS Applications, Data Warehouses, and Reverse ETL Platforms to Streamline Revenue Process.

  • Elevate Account Management with a Comprehensive 360°

    Unleash the potential of smart analytics, precise scoring, and proactive automation to optimize your account management and focus on the right accounts.

  • Embracing the Digital Imperative - Coho AI

    The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the intersection of real-time data and personalized customer engagement is at the heart of this transformation. Bain & Company’s 2023 Tech Report vividly illustrates the urgency for businesses to adapt, emphasizing the need for a robust digital architecture that’s not just robust but also agile and forward-thinking. This urgency is not a call to the future; it’s a demand for the now.

  • Push Notifications and Email Marketing: Driving Engagement

    The digital age demands adaptability, especially when businesses aim to capture the fleeting attention of consumers. Amid the swirl of emerging technologies and platforms, two methods stand out for their profound ability to drive B2C engagement: push notifications and email marketing. While both have made indelible marks in the communication strategies of countless brands, their efficacy hinges on the nuanced understanding of their distinct attributes.

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