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  • Trademark Registration

    Free Trademark Search is now available at LexProtector that provides trademark, patent registration along with patent, trademark attorney.

  • Secure Word Solution

    Our members are dedicated to the clients success by applying rigorous energy, experience, resourcefulness, and in arriving at the solutions to every project we accept. We at SWS strive to build long term partnerships with the clients. Understanding each client’s individual and business goals and requirements is the cornerstone of our commitment to every client. Trademark Registration, Trademark Rectification, Trademark Objection, Trademark Opposition, Trademark Renewal, Brand Registration, Logo Registration, International Trademark Registration, USA Trademark Registration, US Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, ISO Registration Services, Llp Registration Services, Patent Registration Consultants, Company Registration Services, Trademark Registration Services, Patent Registration Services, Trademark Registration Consultants, ISO Certification Services, GST Registration, Shop Act Registration, Import-Export (IEC), UDYAM Registration, FSSAI Registration.

  • Trademark Search in India | Get legal TM Search | Solubilis

    Trademark Search is a powerful process to ensure the business name. Trademark Search is the recommending process Individual and the trademark consultants suggestions are the valuable thing before commence the Trademark Search in India. Potential busi

  • Get Me Trademark

    We are Global Trademark search and protection company, working across diversified technology domains with multinational firms including fortune 500 companies, start-up firms, law firms, licensing firms, venture capitalists and individual inventors.

  • Documents for Trademark Registration

    This article talks about the documents for Trademark Registration and the validity of a Trademark in India. Get assistance of LegalRaasta team to register.

  • Difference between Trademark and Copyright

    Usually, people get confused with trademark and copyright. No Need to entangle, LegalRaasta is always there to help you in every possible.

  • Classes of Goods and Trademark Services

    There are many classes of trademark goods and services in India. LegalRaasta team helps you in understanding and registering for these classes.

  • Trademark Search,Trademark Registration

    We offer Trademark Availability Search and Trademark Watch. and Your trademark data must always be accurate. We can help you reduce data risks by identifying discrepancies in your trademark portfolio and allowing you to keep data up to date consisten

  • Trademark Registration for US Business | Impanix

    Impanix is the leading Trademark Registration service provider to US based companies. Protect your Product Name & Business Name with Impanix.

  • Benefits of Trademark Registration | TrademarkCart

    A good trademark is easy to speak and remember alongside being unique and distinctive. There are a number of extraordinary benefits of trademark registration rather than simply relying on common law or unregistered rights. Here are the top 10 bene

  • Documents for Trademark Registration

    There is a long list of required information and documents for trademark registration. A different set of documents are required in different countries to file a trademark. But the below-mentioned requirements are the basics needed in almost all the

  • Everything about Trademark Infringement | TrademarkCart

    When a registered trademark is used by a person who is not entitled to use such a trademark legally, it constitutes trademark infringement. An infringement action is available to the registered owner to enforce exclusive right over the trademark.

  • Difference between trademark and brand name | TrademarkCart

    Trademarks are often associated with brand identity & brand value. All trademarks are brands, while not all brands are trademarks. A brand is a corporate image is a reputation for quality in the eyes of customers. A trademark is a distinctive mark.

  • Things to do after completing Trademark Registration |

    After successfully completing the trademark registration a lot still needs to be done. Protecting and defending the registered trademark is an active and ongoing pursuit. Regular maintenance filings are also important.

  • Trademark Protection for new brands | TrademarkCart

    Trademarks are obviously the most important aspect of branding and marketing any business. Attaining a trademark registration is a perfect tool for securing your brand. One needs to seek separate trademark protection if they wish to obtain exclusive

  • Basic things entrepreneurs should know about trademarks |

    A trademark is used to distinguish the goods or services of one business from those of another. Copyright, patent, and trademarks are all different types of intellectual property licenses. A mark to be used/being used is commerce is only eligible.

  • About Trademark Registration in India | TrademarkCart

    Trademarks in India are registered by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Trademark registration is a long process involving multiple steps. The following are the steps.

  • Exclusionary Rights of a Registered Trademark Owner | Tradem

    Getting a trademark registered is a costly and a time taking process. However, once after attaining the registration the owner of the registered trademark is vested with multiple valuable rights over an unregistered trademark owner.

  • Indian Trademark Registration Rules, 2017 | TrademarkCart

    New Trademark Rules came into existence with effect from 6 March 2017 to streamline and simplify the entire process for Indian Trademark registration. This would in turn help to accelerate the process of trademark registration in India and make it ha

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  • The Complete Process of Trademark Renewal in India | Tradema

    The trademark registration is valid for a span of 10 years. After the culmination of the 10 year period, the owner must file a trademark renewal application to be renewed for the next 10 years.

  • Trademark Search & Trademark Classification | TrademarkCart

    Trademark Applications are registered under 45 classes in compliance with the NICE Trademark Classification. Each class represents a distinct set of goods and services. Out of the 45 trademark classes, 34 classes are for goods while the remaining.

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  • Indian Trademark Law in Comparison with US and EU

    The trademark has the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. WIPO had defined trademark as a symbol which is capable of distinguishing the goods.

  • Moral Right Of An Author Under Indian Copyright Act

    Copyright identifies with imaginative manifestations, for example, canvases, ballads, books, music, cinematographic works, and so forth.

  • MNCFilings

    "MNCFilings is a hub for all the Registrations include Trademark,Company Registration,Copyright,Provident Fund and ESIC Registration."

  • Trademark Registration

    "A trade mark (popularly known as brand name) in laymans language is a visual symbol which may be a word signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colours used by one"

  • PF Registration

    "Under Provident Fund (PF) Employer and Employee has to pay certain amount.PF return must be filed every month by all entities having PF registration."

  • Trademark Opposition

    A ‘Trademark opposition’ signifies a protest recorded by outsiders, against enrollment of a trademark inside 4 months of the commercial of the brand name to be restricted. Any individual, normal or legitimate, may document a resistance with the Registry. This incorporates any individual person(s), organizations, association firm(s) and trust(s). Quite, the individual recording the resistance need not have any business interest in the issue or an earlier enrolled trademark in the Registry. Following are the grounds under which a resistance might be documented: The imprint which is without any unmistakable trademark or incorporates signs which may serve in exchange to assign quality, amount, proposed reason, values, topographical source or the hour of creation. The imprint is probably going to delude general society or create turmoil. This incorporates any imprint which might be related to an all around enlisted brand name or that have gotten standard in the act of exchange.

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