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  • Trademark registration service in Delhi

    Trademark registration service in Delhi.

  • Intellectual Property Protection : What and for How Long?

    Intellectual Property is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human primarily encompasses copyrights, patents, and trademark.

  • All you need to know about the Intellectual Property Right L

    The Intellectual Property idea is certainly not another one as Renaissance northern Italy is believed to be the structure of the protected innovation.

  • Trademark Agent

    Tiger Intellectual is an Asia based [Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Indonesia] intellectual property associates firm focusing services in trademark, copyright, industrial design.

  • #1 Best Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

    Best Trademark Registration in Coimbatore. We Provides TM Registration for your business to protect brand name, logo with legal presumption of ownership. A trademark is a unique symbol or word(s) used to represent a business or its products. Once registered, that same symbol or series of words cannot be used by any other organization forever, as long as it remains in use and proper paperwork and fees are paid.

  • IPR laws applicable to fashion industry in India |

    The of laws namely the Trademark Act, Copyright Act, Designs Act seeks to protect the intellectual property rights creations of the fashion industry.

  • Stimulus update

    Nowadays, every business is looking for a trademark to establish themselves as a unique separate legal entity so as to win the trust of their customers. Trademark is a recognizable sign, symbol, word, or phrase that a business owner chooses to represent its products and services in the market. Trademark when used to represent products is called Product Trademark whereas when used to denote service is called Service Trademark Registration. It gives your products and services a unique identity in the market from other enterprises of the same products and services. It gives your business legal protection and acts as a safeguard for your products and services.

  • Trademark click

    Trademark Click is a unique initiative to facilitate the Trademark registration of the brand and offer an easy-to-use interface to simplify brand safety as always. In short, the brand is a solution to all your questions under the umbrella.

  • Intellectual Property Licensing | Apply Trademark

    A licensing agreement is a partnership between an intellectual property rights owner and another who is authorized to such rights in exchange.

  • Trademark registration delhi

    Trademark Registration for Logo or Word in Delhi at lowest price by Vyaapaar Salahkaar Expert.Vyaapaar Salahkaar is one the fastest leading company with best quality in less time and early approvals. It’s experts has vast experience doing in tradema

  • Trademark Registration in Chennai

    Trademark registration in Chennai can be obtained by any person or a legal entity. Foreign nationals or entities are also eligible to apply for trademark registration in Chennai. Trademarks are considered a valuable asset for companies. Hence, it is very imperative to obtain a trademark registration to create an identity for the company.

  • Secure Word Solution

    Our members are dedicated to the clients success by applying rigorous energy, experience, resourcefulness, and in arriving at the solutions to every project we accept. We at SWS strive to build long term partnerships with the clients. Understanding each client’s individual and business goals and requirements is the cornerstone of our commitment to every client. Trademark Registration, Trademark Rectification, Trademark Objection, Trademark Opposition, Trademark Renewal, Brand Registration, Logo Registration, International Trademark Registration, USA Trademark Registration, US Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, ISO Registration Services, Llp Registration Services, Patent Registration Consultants, Company Registration Services, Trademark Registration Services, Patent Registration Services, Trademark Registration Consultants, ISO Certification Services, GST Registration, Shop Act Registration, Import-Export (IEC), UDYAM Registration, FSSAI Registration.

  • Trademark Registration

    Free Trademark Search is now available at LexProtector that provides trademark, patent registration along with patent, trademark attorney.

  • Trademark Depot

    Trademark Depot presents trademark registration services all over Canada and United States with experts and a team of specialists. We helped many entrepreneurs to register their business trademarks.

  • Online Copyright Registration

    Copyright Registration is the process of officially registering your copyright with the India Copyright Office in order to protect your intellectual property and start taking legal action if it’s ever infringed upon. Unfortunately, as with most government agencies, navigating the Copyright Office website..

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  • Find Business Near Me

    Findbusinessnearme is a registered trademark. We only show the verified and trusted listings of any type. Our advance feature will display the most relevant, nearest point to you.

  • Trademark India - Create a Unique Brand Identity

    File a trademark application through Trademark India website and protect your brand. Free search report and trademark consultation before and after filing of application. Drafting, Filing & Application Done by TM Specialist. Fast Trademark Registration Online.

  • Trademark Registration Kerala | Trademark Registration Kochi

    Trademark Registration is an online trademark registration service in Kochi and all Kerala. We are a professional service firm specialized in business law consultancy and services having more than 15 years of standing. In addition to trademark registration Services, we undertake services like Trademark Analysis ,Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Assignment, Trademark Renewals, Trademark Opposition , Trademark Watch etc. Our dedicated team assists you in simple, comprehensive and economical way of filing your trademark and protecting it from possible infringement from competitors.

  • Trademark Search in India | Get legal TM Search | Solubilis

    Trademark Search is a powerful process to ensure the business name. Trademark Search is the recommending process Individual and the trademark consultants suggestions are the valuable thing before commence the Trademark Search in India. Potential busi

  • Trademark registration in chennai | brand name registration

    Marks&Brands is a well known and famous trademark registration company in Chennai and we offer trademark registration in Chennai and brand registration in Chennai. We also offer online trademark search for Trademark applications for applicable potential trademarks. Marks&Brands offers the following services: ? Trademark Registration ? Trademark Search ? Trademark Attorneys ? Trademark Consultants ? Brand protection ?Copyright and trademark registration in Chennai ?International trademark registration in Chennai

  • Best Trademark Registration Company | Trademark Registration

    Best Trademark Registration Company in Mumbai, India. Trademark Registration Process in India, trademark registration cost, trademark registration online India

  • Indian Trademark Law in Comparison with US and EU

    The trademark has the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. WIPO had defined trademark as a symbol which is capable of distinguishing the goods.

  • Moral Right Of An Author Under Indian Copyright Act

    Copyright identifies with imaginative manifestations, for example, canvases, ballads, books, music, cinematographic works, and so forth.

  • Things to do after completing Trademark Registration |

    After successfully completing the trademark registration a lot still needs to be done. Protecting and defending the registered trademark is an active and ongoing pursuit. Regular maintenance filings are also important.

  • Trademark Protection for new brands | TrademarkCart

    Trademarks are obviously the most important aspect of branding and marketing any business. Attaining a trademark registration is a perfect tool for securing your brand. One needs to seek separate trademark protection if they wish to obtain exclusive

  • About Trademark Registration in India | TrademarkCart

    Trademarks in India are registered by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Trademark registration is a long process involving multiple steps. The following are the steps.

  • Exclusionary Rights of a Registered Trademark Owner | Tradem

    Getting a trademark registered is a costly and a time taking process. However, once after attaining the registration the owner of the registered trademark is vested with multiple valuable rights over an unregistered trademark owner.

  • Indian Trademark Registration Rules, 2017 | TrademarkCart

    New Trademark Rules came into existence with effect from 6 March 2017 to streamline and simplify the entire process for Indian Trademark registration. This would in turn help to accelerate the process of trademark registration in India and make it ha

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  • The Complete Process of Trademark Renewal in India | Tradema

    The trademark registration is valid for a span of 10 years. After the culmination of the 10 year period, the owner must file a trademark renewal application to be renewed for the next 10 years.

  • Trademark Search & Trademark Classification | TrademarkCart

    Trademark Applications are registered under 45 classes in compliance with the NICE Trademark Classification. Each class represents a distinct set of goods and services. Out of the 45 trademark classes, 34 classes are for goods while the remaining.

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