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3 Cool Mobile Games that Set the Gaming World Abuzz in 2020

Scouring the web for some fun mobile games to while your time away? You’re in the right place.

A lot of new mobile games were launched this year but only a few are worth mentioning. Here is a short list of some cool mobile games that created a buzz in 2020 .

Let’s check them out.

Manifold Garden

Reimagining the laws of physics and architecture might have served as a dose of inspiration for the game creator to design this epic game.

Set in a starkly different world, where gravity and conventional laws of physics simply won’t work, this puzzle game is like no other, keeping players on their toes as they set out to discover new paths, solve puzzles, and complete tasks. The mind-bending visuals of shape-contorting objects and swiftly-changing orientations of environments leave us with a whole-new perspective of Infinity in this trippy first-person game, riddled with physics defying puzzles.

Exploring the paths in a world where gravity behaves strangely or accomplishing tasks in a game where the next step is rarely evident is more difficult than it seems, and, most of the times, you might be trying things without going anywhere. But having said that, the kind of rush you feel playing this brain-breaking game is truly unique, and you need to play it to feel what it’s like.

If you believe you could still have fun not understanding what you’re doing or be persistent to interact with a constantly-changing environment filled with dizzying shapes and objects, Manifold Garden could be right up your alley.

Available in Apple Arcade, Playstation, and other platforms.

What the Golf?

Picture yourself golfing on a serenely green fairway and a bunch of explosives go off. If that sounded dreadful, let’s do this again. Now, imagine playing a golfing game where you’re all set to wield your club and a kid springs out of nowhere to kick your golf ball away or you suddenly turn into a cat or a moon lander or a crab or any other thing you can possibly imagine. Maybe that’s too crazy. But that’s what this golfing game is all about.

What the Golf? Is an interesting attempt at making golf less dreary and boring. The game has a lot of golf to it but there’s not much real golfing happening in the game. In fact, you can expect to play soccer, a car driving game, snowboarding or something that you least expect to see happen in the midst of a golf game. Designed on this crazy premise, this hilarious game brings a whole new view of golf with a lot of physics stuffed up in there where you can putt a whole range of things including your house, your breakfast, and many more.

A ridiculous interpretation of golf, this game might hurl a lot of surprises at you as you go through each level. But one thing is for certain: you can’t expect to get better at playing golf at the end of it all.

Available on PC, Apple Arcade and more.


Grindstone is a color-matching puzzle game with a twist, borrowing some elements exclusive only to RPG games and some concepts only found in roguelike games.

As a burly viking, your goal is to slice and dice your way through as many creatures of the same color as possible in one go, whether it means moving horizontally, vertically through the grid. The longer you linger around looking for the best combo, the higher the threat with the docile creatures gradually turning into enraged monsters. At the end of each turn, the number of monsters you’ll have to deal with will increase quickly so it is kind of hard to complete a long chain of kills without putting yourself in danger.

Slaying down ten or more in a row gets you an opportunity to earn a grindstone, which allows you to kill monsters from your current color to a new color, thereby unlocking the combination of massive kills that can help you get through the whole board of monsters in just a single move. The odd treasure chest that you pop open before you gain exit through the door or the extra points you get for downing stronger monsters is a nice bonus for a game that has 150 levels of splatter-fest.

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