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3 Fast-Paced Board Games to Try This Holiday

Sick and tired of playing the same old board games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Cluedo? And you still think nothing can beat the kick that you get from playing a board game with friends and family?

According to, 2019 was a great year for board games and a lot of good games released this year pushing these aforementioned perennial favorites aside. Much to the relief of board game lovers. Thanks to their idiot-proof rules, these games are quick and easy to learn so you can pick them up and get playing in no time. Moreover, it’s quite easy to make all the people in your household involved with these new board games. These games move at a fairly brisk pace so there won’t be any complaints about the game failing to keep people entertained.

If you’re looking for board games that are fun to play with your family and friends this festive season, here we present a small selection of games that we think might fit the bill.


Wingspan is selling like hot cakes, and deservedly so. Created by an ornithologist, this game ranks up there among the best board games to have come out this year. The designer’s love for birds and passion for birdwatching has truly translated into a unique card game, which throws light on over 150 species of birds- things like what they feed on, their nesting habitat and how many eggs they lay on an average, and much more. It incorporates brilliant design and artwork into its theme but there is more at play than just awesome plumage. Wingspan has an impressive gameplay, which is actually good enough to keep you and your friends and family amused for long. You’re to build habitats to lure the best birds to your aviary boards, unlock distinctive bird powers and do many more things to be able to rack up points. Winner of the Speil des Jahres awards, this game doesn’t take too long to finish, guarantees good fun and has a diverse set of cards on various bird species so there’s a lot of replay value.


Say what you will about word based games such as Scrabble and the like, they’re still very popular. But what would you get when you add a bit of pace and flexibility to a game like Scrabble? You get Bananagrams, a fast-paced version of scrabble with a lot of flexible options. It is a newly launched game that’s already proving to be a firm favorite of board game aficionados, especially among those who’re into word based games. Much like take-two, which is a version of Scrabble, this game sees players complete a chain of words both vertically and horizontally. It’s hard to not love what this game provides; after all, it is lively and engaging, has super simple rules, and comes with high quality components and packaging. Just pour the tiles out and get cracking at creating words.


Few games look more engaging when spread out on your festive table than Dobble. Inspired from Snap, this card game is fun and fast paced. The game sees players match images, with each card showing a selection of images ranging from a carrot to a bomb. Although it might sound simple, but Dobble has a far from simple gameplay and takes a lot of brain energy off you. Like the other two games, it’s great fun to play, can be picked up and played in no time. The best part is, it can take up to eight players, and that’s good news for big gatherings. A word of advice, though: things might get a little heated at times so you better watch out.

There’s nothing worse than shelling out money on a game only to discover it’s rather pants. These three games are proving to be very popular in the week leading up to Christmas. We’re sure these games will give you and your friends many fun moments to rejoice as a group and many reasons to giggle, unlike those old board games that are notorious for leading to arguments. Wanna steer clear of arguments and make some cash gambling online instead? Check out for more information on some of the top sites offering a range of bonuses including welcome bonus, no deposit bonus etc.

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