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3 Key Home Tech Upgrades to Consider in 2024

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In modern life, technology is playing a key role. Today, people rely on their smartphones for shopping, internet surfing, and organizing, as well as for making simple calls and texts. Each year, technology becomes more sophisticated and powerful, allowing people and businesses to use it to do more in less time. Businesses now rely on a range of technologies to give them a competitive edge and help to foster the most efficient working practices.

From business intelligence platforms that aid decision-making to video conferencing software that supports communication in a remote workforce, technology is everywhere. However, some forms of new technology are specifically designed for home usage. They can be used to improve many different aspects of home life, from organizing weekly schedules to increasing the entertainment options that are available at your property. In this article, three unique tech upgrades for home use will be considered.

  • Switch to superfast internet


In the last decade, the amount of home tech devices that require internet access has rapidly increased. It is now estimated that the average American home has 11 tech devices that need to be connected to the internet to function effectively. This increasing reliance on online devices also creates a need for faster and more reliable internet connections. Put simply, if your home benefits from superfast fiber internet, it will be able to support a larger number of online devices concurrently.

Streaming movies and playing games online can put extreme demands on your home internet, and slower connections may result in lag or delays in streaming content. Consider upgrading your home internet to the latest fiber supplies. If you live in New York, search online for fiber internet providers in NYC and choose a service that gives you the download speeds you require based on your internet usage. In short, upgrading your internet can be a key way to improve your experience of smart technology in the home.

  • Consider a voice-activated speaker


Voice-activated speakers have now become a form of home assistant and a source of entertainment. You can issue a wide range of voice commands that will allow you to play your favorite music, set reminders for important events, or even make video calls with other people who own the same device. The latest devices work like smartphones in that you can download a range of apps to them, allowing you to create a product that is unique to your needs. Popular voice-activated speakers include the Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and Sonos Era. Choose one that has the features that you desire, and enjoy a range of functions that can be activated just by your voice.

  • For gamers seeking to enter the VR realm


Briefly, if you are one of the billions of people who enjoy video games, you may have already considered taking your gaming into the realm of virtual reality. There is a wide range of VR headsets available that allow you to experience incredibly immersive games in full 3D. A high-quality budget option is the Oculus Quest 2. This is a standalone device that already has a catalog of hundreds of fascinating games to enjoy. However, it is also important to consider that some next-generation consoles have their own dedicated VR headsets and may allow you to experience VR gaming in an even higher level of realism and immersion by linking to the console.



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