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3 Key Things You Should Look For in a Good Cash Counter

The accuracy with which a cash counter counts and sorts bills and the countless hours saved as a result makes it a priceless addition to any small business that typically goes through a large amount of cash each day.

No wonder why car washes, gas stations, small restaurants and the like appreciate the value a good money counter brings to their business and consider it a real convenience to have.

If you’re still on the fence about buying a money counter for your business or you are unsure what to look for in one, we will quickly run through a few key features to help you make the right choice.

Handles Mixed Denomination Bills

Not all money counters are built to handle a stack of mixed bills. But it’s a great feature that makes a real difference in terms of time and effort saved.

Just imagine being able to throw a mixed pile of bills into the machine and receiving an accurate count along with the exact total value just a few seconds later. Nothing beats saving a lot of time and effort for your business, right?

Money counter machines that support this functionality make short work of counting bills of mixed value. All you need to do is load up the stack. The machine starts purring and after the counting is done, an accurate number of total bills counted along with exact specifics such as the number of 10’s, 20’s, 50’s and 100’s is available–all at the push of a button. How about that?

It’s important to note that machines that are built in with this feature come equipped with sophisticated features (as listed below) and naturally cost a lot more than their basic counterparts.

Effortlessly Detect Counterfeit Bills 

Sophisticated money counters use state-of-the-art technology to help tell a counterfeit note from an authentic one, removing the complexity of spotting fake bills. They use ultraviolet, magnetic, infrared among other detection tech including watermark etc., offering complete security against fake bills. These counters stop counting at the first sign of a counterfeit bill and/or raise a flag by giving visual or audio alerts. Some of them put out an error message on the display or move the bill into a separate ‘reject’ pocket automatically. That being said, some fake notes that are partly fake (two parts stuck together) still slip through the cracks especially when fed through most note counters with basic functionality. However, machines fitted with Contact Image Sensors (CIS) offer no respite and reject notes even if there is a slight deviation in anything, promising high levels of accuracy in bogus bill detection.

Smooth Operation

It’s not hard to come across inexpensive counters on any marketplace online but their cheapness usually shows in their build quality or their performance. Sift through reviews of cheap cash counters online and you’ll find users complaining about how they get jammed more often and cause a lot of delay in counting and sorting notes.

Another gripe is that these machines fail to register the notes itself especially when they aren’t flat and crispy and are dirty and dogeared. Luckily, there are many all-round options available if you’re willing to cough out a little. Designed for superior and swift performance, these machines are smooth operators- always ready to handle no matter what you throw at them. Whether they’re chain notes, half notes, torn notes or crumpled, these machines sort through them seamlessly and go on to count the rest of the stack after separating the problem notes.

We just touched on a few key features that make a money counter much more accurate, user-friendly, and dependable. If you’re looking for a machine with advanced tech to count and sort notes, take a good hard look at what your cash handling needs are. There’s a whole lot of machines with interesting tech out there at different price points, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice unless you know full well what your business needs are and how much you can afford to pay for a machine that meets your requirements. Keep these pointers in mind so you don’t end up paying extra for a wrong product with a set of features you’ve no use for.





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