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3 Material Ideas for your Front Door

In terms of security, aesthetics and insulation, the front door is an essential element. Generally, the entrance doors are made of PVC, wood or aluminum. The advantages and disadvantages of these 3 materials are discussed as below


PVC is a material that is resistant to humidity and the sun. It does not turn yellow. It is for this reason that it is very popular and used for the manufacture of entrance doors. PVC is also very popular for its excellent insulation. It keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, it adapts to all types of decor thanks to its varied moldings and the diversity of colors offered. It can also imitate wood like oak.

PVC entrance doors require little maintenance. A single swipe is enough to clean them. However, their cost is quite high. It can increase as other materials come into its composition. Take the case of a door in:

  1. Full PVC: the price starts at 300 euros;
  2. Semi-glazed PVC: the price is between 800 euros and 1000 euros;
  3. Glazed PVC: the cost varies between 1000 euros and 4000 euros.

Whether you live near the sea or in the city center, the PVC door is ideal.


Wood is a warm material. It will give your door a natural look. Let yourself be seduced by the wide choice of gasoline it offers. Known for its solidity, nobility and robustness, wood is preferred for the manufacture of traditional house doors. In addition, wooden doors offer a very good level of sound and heat insulation. Nevertheless, they require regular maintenance (about every 5 to 10 years). They are not recommended for homes in coastal regions (near the sea).

Unlike other types of doors, wooden doors are very expensive. The average price of a wooden door is:

900 euros, excluding installation, for condominiums; 3,088 euros including tax with a price range ranging from 1,337 euros to 5,000 euros including tax for a single-family house.


Aluminum doors are very stylish and give a modern touch to your home. In addition, they are easy to maintain (or almost maintenance-free). They have a lifespan of about 20 years. Moreover, they are customizable. The only drawback of aluminum doors is that they are less insulating due to their metal composition. In addition, they are very conductive and provide a cold feeling to the touch. However, there are ways to improve its insulation, such as regenerating the quality of joints or installing a structure to break thermal bridges.

Depending on the range chosen, the price of aluminum doors varies from:

  1. 600 euros to 800 euros for entry-level;
  2. 800 euros to 1300 euros for the mid-range;
  3. 2000 euros to 3500 euros for the top of the range.
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