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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

1- Size of the terrace Before deciding on a piece of furniture, you must first take measurements of the area and dimensions of the terrace. The key is to choose the furniture according to the dimensions. If the terrace is very large but the furniture is small, it will look empty. On the contrary, if the terrace is small, and the furniture is very large, it will look too crowded. Some colors and materials in the furniture help to create a feeling of greater space. It is necessary to take into account that there is sufficient space between the entrance, the chosen armchairs, chairs and tables; this to be able to move easily through the space without having to move the furniture.


2- Furniture design In addition to the size, the design of the furniture also directly influences the style and functionality that is sought on the terrace. For small spaces it is recommended to place folding chairs and tables or armchairs with light materials and curved lines. On the contrary, if the space is more open, voluminous furniture with square lines is ideal to give the feeling of a cozy space despite the large size. ‘



3- Functionality The use that will be given to the outdoor space is also crucial for the terrace to be perfect. What activities will be carried out? A dining room and crockery rack can be perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in an outdoor setting. On the contrary, for a relaxation space, a couple of sofas and small tables will suffice. Some flowerpots can also be considered; In addition to decorating, they will also serve to reaffirm the feeling of being outdoors.


4- Materials The climate is something that must be kept in mind when choosing the materials for our furniture. Some materials suggested for their resistance are aluminum, rattan and plastic


These materials are perfect for the elements, as they do not require much care. Another option to protect furniture is to consider an umbrella.

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