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5 Key Things to Consider While Setting up Reseller Hosting Business

Are you interested in getting into reseller hosting? Maybe you’re a web designer who wants to give your clients an all-encompassing web solution with hosting at its heart? Or perhaps you consider reseller hosting as your ticket to a successful side business that brings in money passively.

Whatever your reason for establishing your own reseller hosting business, now is the best time to become a hosting reseller. The market is crammed with players of all sizes and shapes, from well-established names in the industry to companies that are up-and-coming, so there’s a good chance you’ll land the right offer for you, provided you know where to look and what to look for.

Here we give you a quick and easy list of some of the key aspects you should consider. Let’s delve into it.

Partnering with the right Hosting Provider

Reselling hosting is a lot simpler and easier to manage when you work with the right hosting provider. Choosing the right hosting provider makes all the difference so make sure you work with a quality partner who’s not just well equipped technically but also committed to seeing clients grow. What to look for in a provider?

First and foremost, the company you partner with should be able to take care of everything all the way through. Whether it be the technical stuff to get your host set up or extending 24/7 support on a priority basis, the hosting provider should be in a position to sort out everything. As a reseller, your responsibility is to discuss your business requirements, budget and goals, and then choose a hosting package that suits you best.

White-label Hosting to Boost your Brand

Choosing a good provider holds the key for long-term success in this field of work. But working with certain providers can really propel your brand to another level and fast-track your business growth while keeping your competitors at bay.

Some hosting providers go above and beyond their way to put together a complete white label solution for resellers wanting to sell hosting packages with their very own brand. They’re committed to work behind the scenes and help you maintain a smooth working relationship with your own clients. They work closely with you every step of the way, from start to finish, so you can host and bill your clients using your own unique brand.

From putting together completely bespoke plans and packages matching your own business needs and that of your clients to extending full support across all areas, these hosting providers make life easy for you thereby allowing you to focus on your business and develop your brand into a bigger entity.

Flexibility in Plans and Packages

There is a whole range of hosting packages out there, each one neatly bundled with feature-rich consoles and sophisticated tools (discussed in the next section). If you want your business to do well, you need to make sure that the package you buy from your hosting provider is easy to create and manage, allows you to create multiple plans matching the requirements of your customers, and offers some degree of flexibility. In addition, it really helps to deal with a hosting provider that is well equipped to meet your growing needs.

As you level up and start taking on more customers, your business requirements will radically change, and your current resource requirements won’t get you far. To avoid any outages and disruptions in hosting services, you may need to quickly upgrade to a higher unlimited reseller hosting plan offering more disk space, higher bandwidth, and better software architecture overall.

An Array of Feature-rich Tools for Ultimate Reseller Control

It is absolutely essential that you stay on top of things using a suite of tools that help you manage key hosting tasks and functions.

Many hosting companies, as an industry standard, provide cPanel or Web Host Manager (WHM) with their reseller packages, which are essentially control panels for doing an array of tasks- from setting up and managing accounts for your end customers to customizing their access rights to monitoring the resources being consumed and everything in between. In addition to these control panels, some providers also offer a suite of tools and applications such as Fantastico script installer which, for one, makes installing web applications a cinch with its advanced automation capabilities.

Most top tier packages from established hosting companies offer superior control to resellers, as they come complete with free SSLs for an extra layer of security, free CDNs for quick delivery of hosted content, free email with robust email management solutions, and automated backups on a daily basis.

Technical Support you can Count on

Your customers need you to provide technical support 24/7. Who is going to be the first point of contact for your end customers? Will it be you or someone from your company? Or will it be the support team from your hosting provider? If you’re not technically savvy or simply lack the resources to be able to support your own customers promptly, you may have to turn to your hosting provider for all support related requests. In that case, you’re better off getting a reseller hosting package that comes with a proper white label support service included? Figure out how useful and accessible their support team is. Do they support through phone or over email or via a chat app. Is it really easy to get in touch with them? Are their resolutions timely and effective?

It is simple prudence to think hard and long about the factors discussed above when making that all-important, business-critical decision. To set yourself up for success in the reseller hosting space, understand your hosting requirements clearly; be sensible about your expectations from a provider; choose the best package that aligns well with your goals, business requirements and budget; and let the provider do all the heavy lifting. You’ll be well on your way to seeing your business grow real quick.

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