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5 reasons you should never become a Blogger (even if you think you should)

Blogging has become very popular in the recent years.

Many people think that they can launch a blog and make passive income online.

If you’re one of those people, then STOP!

You need to read this article first before you waste your time blogging.

As it’ll be an eye opener for all of the blogging hype that’s around there.

So, lets’ begin.

i. You are doing it just for money

For many people the sole reason for blogging is passive income.

They think that they’ll launch a blog and start making passive income.

That’s a lie.

Blogging isn’t that easy.

In fact, don’t expect any money within the first few months of your blogging career.

So, if your motivation is just to make money, then it’s highly likely you’ll get demotivated fast.

And the thing is if all you want is make money online.

Then there are various other faster methods to make money online.

Such as trading and doing writing gigs.

ii. You’re not passionate about writing

The whole pillar of blogging is built on writing and providing value into the lives of your readers.

Then how could you not be passionate about writing, yet blog.

You’ll get a burnout within the first week itself.

Especially to really, really succeed at blogging you’ll need to write a lot.

I still remember in my first year as a blogger, I wrote over 100,000+ words on my blog alone.

Don’t get intimidated by it.

But, if you truly want to succeed as a blogger, then you need to write a lot.

Especially write a lot of great content.

Content that makes your reader filled with awe and ready to take action.

If you also want to learn how to write such content, then you can check out my article here.

iii. You don’t have Time

Many people take blogging as a part-time thing.

Or more like a weekend thing.

They’ll only work on it 4-5 hours a week.

If that’s your plan.

Then it’s gonna take you years before you make any income from your blog.

You need to take blogging seriously if you want to succeed at it.

Now, I’m not telling you to leave your job, if you have one.

But what you can do is, work on your blog after coming from your job.

For example – If you come home from work by 6.

Then you can start working on your blog from 7 to 12.

I’ve seen many successful bloggers do that in their early years and then go on to make millions online.

So, why can’t you.

Granted its gonna take some serious discipline on your part.

And its not easy.

But if it were easy, then everybody would do it.

iv. You’re Anti-Social

You must have thought you don’t need to connect with anyone while blogging, right?


You are not going anywhere in the blogging world if you don’t connect and build a network.

The fastest way to grow leaps and bounds in the blogging world is to take help of others.

Fellow like-minded bloggers who are more than willing to help others.

But why would anyone help you?

That’s cause you’ll help them first.

So, genuinely reach out and give.

Give advice, tips.

Whatever you can.

Are you good at SEO?

Help other blogger.

Are you good at copywriting?

Help the blogger to improve their conversion.

That’s how you build long-lasting connections in the blogosphere.

So, if you ain’t willing to do all this, it’s gonna take years for you before you actually start growing in the blogging world.

v. You don’t Learn

There’s a very cliché line – Learn to Earn.

But it’s true.

Especially in the blogging world.

Look chances are, when you’ll begin writing you won’t be writing good blog posts, nor would you be able to build connections.

But you need to realise that you’re a rookie.

And you need to learn a lot.

And then repeat what you learnt over and over again.

So, learning and repeating is the key to success.

And many bloggers fail to understand that.

You need to have a growth mindset if you’re ever going to succeed blogging.

Learn from the best, take their advice and execute on the go.

That’s it.

This was my honest advice to all the aspiring bloggers who want to someday make money blogging.

Blogging isn’t hard. It’s simple.

But, you just need to begin with the right mindset.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Comment and let me know the best advice from this article.

I read and reply to every comment.

About the Author Shakir Jamal

Shakir is a professional Internet Marketer and blogger who helps ambitious men and women build profitable blogs and replace their 9-5 rat race income with a laptop passive income.

You can contact Shakir on TheBlogIncubator

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