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5 Reasons Your Company Should Use a VPN

With the rise of online-only businesses and the ever-changing digital revolution, it is no surprise to see many companies adopting a variety of tools to bolster their operations. Year after year, business IT support remains a highly-valued service as companies fight to keep themselves ahead of competitors – especially in a non-stop online market. With so many options to choose from, it can be easy for your business to accidentally forget some essential factors.

Keep Your Business Safe

Being connected to the internet can cause a false sense of security – if you can’t see your enemies, how could they hurt you? Unfortunately, this could not be anything further from the truth, as online crime is always on the rise. The director of Sphere IT an IT support firm in London, warns that “installing adequate security programs and protecting networks” is at the forefront of keeping your data safe. One popular method to achieve this is with a virtual private network (VPN). Listed below are just some of the many benefits it may provide for your business.

Deter Threats

As more and more online organisations transfer their operations online, the risk of a security breach rises. Because businesses tend to store a more extensive, more valuable series of data within their systems, companies are targeted at a higher rate than other computer users. To combat this issue, most IT support companies will direct you towards a VPN. With the right provider, you can keep cybercriminals from spying on your vital information.


Setting up your online systems is expensive enough in the first place, which is why it is so common to see businesses pass on getting a VPN to avoid additional costs. Fortunately, companies in London and around the world will find that VPNs are actually quite inexpensive, with there being so many on the market. Providers can even offer flexible plans specific to your unique requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Ultimately, a severe data breach will prove to be far more costly if you don’t have the proper protection. By investing a small amount into a VPN, you can save your business twice the amount in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs and recovery services.

Limitless Possibilities

No matter how good your IT support services are, every business is subject to the limitations posed by geographical restrictions. Some countries have placed barriers on their online spaces, causing your operations to come to a standstill when traveling. With a VPN, you can completely change your point of access back to your original geographic area, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and resume work as usual.

Improved Focus

Whether big or small, businesses will always have a series of issues to fret over. With a VPN, employees can effectively slash these in half – or at least prevent any additional problems from occurring – with 24/7 protection. Peace of mind is often proof of success, which makes having efficient online security a crucial investment.

Protect Your Reputation

Your clients want to see that your business is confident in its operations. With the rise of cybercrime, they will likely expect your company to maintain the best security tools available in addition to active business IT support. By using a trusted VPN, you can ease their worries – as well as your own – by ensuring vital data transmission is kept safe and secure. Not only will this improve your professional relationships, but also help your business to stand out amongst others.


With all the benefits listed above, it is no surprise to see why IT support companies have long been recommending for businesses to use a VPN. From fraud protection to defense against cyber-attacks, there are no limits to the improvements your company may receive. To keep your business at the forefront of the online world, implementing a VPN package that is right for you is one of the best ways to start.

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