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5 things to get prepared for Halloween

5 things to get prepared for HalloweenThe sultry summer nights now look to be gone for a while and the most frightful time of year is almost upon us. Yes! It’s time to get ready for Halloween!

A favourite event for both children and adults alike, Halloween parties are a great way to bring people together as you revel in spooking each other and enjoying a few treats along the way.

Here are five things to focus on in order to guarantee a spooktacular time!

The costume

If you’re buying, you’d better be quick because all the best Halloween costumes famously sell out way ahead of time. If not and you’re feeling crafty, you might fancy whipping up a homemade costume.

Whether you have a great solo idea or you want something that the whole family can get involved in, nailing the costume is the perfect start to your Halloween festivities – and getting into character might even become part of the event!

The decorations

You’ll want to impress any visitors, but plastic pumpkins and fairy lights just won’t cut it. If you have the technological knowhow, you could use a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to program a truly haunting doorway surprise!

A truly memorable display isn’t that hard to make if you can master some coding basics – it could even be a project for the whole family to try together!

The pumpkin

What is Halloween without a few Jack-O’-Lanterns to add to the ambience?! Whether you go for a traditional snarl or something a bit more outside of the box, carving is another activity that is enjoyed by big and little Halloweeners alike.

Remember, they’re not just for decoration, so make sure to put the pumpkin flesh to use and make something delicious!

The food

Ah yes, the food. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, soup, curry or whatever, you’ll need something sugary to go with it, as more modern traditions dictate.

Candy for trick-or-treaters is a must – and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even make your own traditional sweet treats like honeycomb or toffee apples!

The entertainment

With such ghoulish sights on offer, you must make sure to match it with the rest of the event’s entertainment.

Whether you want to go for all-out gore, a psychological thriller, or a good old-fashioned thriller to

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