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5 Ways the Internet Impacts Your Career as a Nurse

Have you ever stopped to think about just how important the Internet is to our everyday lives? If you are a nurse, you may never have considered just how significant the Internet is in the work that we do caring for patients. By now, most of us just take for granted the ways in which the Web enables us to grow more in our profession while advancing the quality of care we are able to provide. If you have never thought about it, consider the following for starters.

1. Online Resources

Once upon a time, nurses carried around pocket PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference), which they referred to when questioning more about the medication they were about to administer. Often, these came in handy if something wasn’t quite clear and, believe it or not, there have been times when doctors missed something in a patient’s chart that conflicted with the medicine prescribed. Nurses have caught thousands (if not millions!) of errors, but now it isn’t necessary to refer to a hard copy PDR. Simply subscribe to an online reference book and there you go. No time-consuming flipping of pages. Everything is right there on your smartphone.

2. Advancing Your Degree

Today’s nurses truly appreciate the availability of online degree programs. They no longer need to take a sabbatical from work or study part-time while holding down a full-time job. Now, nurses can simply study online to advance from RN certification to a bachelor of science in nursing at a leading university like this one. All the while, they can bring in an income and work the flexible hours most hospitals require.

3. Job Searches

With a higher level of education, more doors are open to you. In fact, most hospitals now require nurses to hold at least a BSN to work as a registered nurse. While you may still find jobs without that four-year degree, the pay will be higher in most cases. If there is no advancement where you now work, use the Internet to search for better-paying jobs, jobs closer to home, jobs within your specialty, or even jobs at the hospital (or provider) of your dreams. The Internet unlocks unlimited possibilities when looking for a job as a nurse.

4. Staying Current with Healthcare News

Then there’s healthcare news to think about. Who has time to read the paper anymore? In fact, who even subscribes to daily delivery on their doorstep? With RSS feeds, you can keep current on the latest advances in healthcare delivered right to your mobile phone. You may not be able to read the news while you are on the job, but that feed is there reminding you to look at it when you are on a break or off duty.

5. Mobile Access to Patient Records

Some nurses do private duty while other nurses are employed by hospice care organizations in their communities. There are various nursing jobs that require you to visit patients in their homes, and with electronic medical records, you no longer need to carry bulky charts to access the information you need while at a patient’s home. With Cloud-based EMRs, simply log in, access the patient’s records, and quickly find the information in question.

What would we do in our line of work without all those amazing benefits only the Internet can offer?

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