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A Research : Covid-19 Virus weakens upto 90% in the Air within 20 Minutes

A shocking research has come to the fore amidst increasing cases of Omicron. According to scientists from the University of Bristol, England, within 20 minutes of exposure to air, the corona virus is weakened by 90%. Also, the virus loses half its strength within the first 5 seconds. Researchers have attributed this to the lack of moisture and carbon dioxide in the air.

How does Covid-19 infection spread?

Covid-19 spreads through the air. According to scientists, air is fluid. Different types of particles are present in it, which spread in the atmosphere over time. The corona virus is also capable of spreading with this air. When an infected person coughs or sneezes and we breathe in the same air while being close to him, then the virus gets transferred to our body. When an infected person coughs or sneezes near us, the virus gets transferred to our body.
Virus breathless as soon as it comes in the air, how?

Researchers say that the air dries up the virus particles. Also, due to the lack of carbon dioxide in the air, the pH level of the virus increases. Due to both these things, the virus loses its ability to spread infection within minutes.

Virus remains alive due to moisture in the body

Scientists claim that the corona virus survives for a long time in an environment with high amounts of moisture and carbon dioxide. Since it gets both these things in our lungs, it does not leave our body easily.

According to scientists, wearing masks and maintaining social distance is very important.
Research has found that in places like offices, where the humidity in the environment is less than 50%, the virus loses 50% of its ability to spread infection in just 5 seconds. However, due to the humidity in the steam room or shower room, the strength of the virus remains for a long time. However, in both cases the virus is weakened by 90% within 20 minutes.

Masks and social distancing are very important

It has been claimed in research that the virus’s ability to spread infection ends within minutes after coming into the air. If this happens, then by wearing a mask and following social distancing, we can prevent corona infection.

According to the report of The Guardian, study lead scientist Jonathan Reid says that at this time everyone is focusing on ventilation and ventilation. But in the true sense, the highest risk of infection is when living close to an infected person. That’s why wearing a mask and maintaining social distance is very important.

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