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A Study Claims : Unvaccinated during Pregnancy can be Fatal for Mother and Child

A surprising research has come to the fore amidst the increasing infection of Coronavirus around the world. In this research published in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists have claimed that the risk of serious problems from corona increases during pregnancy. In such a situation, if the pregnant woman does not take the vaccine to avoid infection, then it can also prove to be fatal for her child.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh, UK, say that it is very important for pregnant women to take precautions from 28 days before the delivery date. He has found in his research that if the mother has corona, the child can be born before the delivery date. In addition, the infection can lead to the death of the baby in the womb. In some cases, newborn babies have also died after birth.


Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Michael McBride says that a corona infection in the last weeks of pregnancy can threaten the lives of both mother and child. They say that the corona vaccine is effective in protecting the pregnant woman and her child from serious problems. According to McBride, pregnant women who are afraid of the vaccine, should complete both the doses of the vaccine as soon as possible. Those who have completed two doses, do not panic about the booster shot. This advice is also for those women who are planning pregnancy.

According to Kare Murray of the Royal College of Midwives, the current vaccines against corona are completely safe for pregnant women and their child. They fight against the virus firmly. Murray says that if you look at the statistics, most pregnant women hospitalized with corona are found unvaccinated.


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