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Adobe’s Firefly: The AI Tool That Uses Generative AI to Modify Images

Adobe has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Firefly that allows users to quickly modify images by typing in commands. The first model of Firefly focuses on creating images and text effects. For instance, users can highlight an element in a multilayer work of art and Firefly generates different versions of that element using AI. Additionally, users can type in commands to change the scene or image, without any editing needed by the user.

Firefly also uses generative AI to create a paintbrush based on something already in an image, automatically changing the photo or image a user is working on. Adobe said that Firefly will launch first as a private beta.

Adobe’s new product comes at a crucial point for both Adobe and AI in general. The company recently spent $20 billion to acquire the design tool Figma and said that it would integrate features from other products into Figma. Adobe also aims to address ethical concerns by placing emphasis on giving creators “opportunities to benefit from your skills and creativity and protect your work.”

New AI tools, including generative AI image products, have raised ethical concerns. There are concerns about the propensity of models to “hallucinate” plausible-sounding but inaccurate information for ChatGPT and similar products. For imaging technology such as DALL-E or Stable Diffusion, concerns have been raised about the models stealing artist content and regenerating it without credit or permission from the creator. However, Adobe said that Firefly will protect creators’ work and offer opportunities for them to benefit from their skills and creativity.



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