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Amazing Event : Astronaut Scared of Fake Guerrilla in Space Station

Many countries of the world, including America, together have built the International Space Station. In the year 2016, something happened inside the space station, seeing that the astronauts were in panic. All this happened with the arrival of a ‘guerrilla’ inside the space station, which was not actually a guerrilla, but a joke.

Astronaut scared of fake guerrilla
Astronaut Tim Peck’s partner Mark Kelly did something to the guerrilla costume that terrified Tim Peck. A funny video of this incident has surfaced, in which a ‘guerrilla’ is seen chasing an astronaut inside the space station.

It is believed that it was Mark Kelly who was wearing a guerrilla dress. It is being said that this guerrilla suit was sent to the space station without informing anyone so that jokes could be made.

Twitter user Todd Spence wrote, ‘Astronaut Mark Kelly once secretly took a full guerrilla suit to the International Space Station. He didn’t tell anyone about it. next day he wore it without informing anyone.

The suit was sent like this
However, the case of smuggling the guerrilla suit is not true. According to Metro News, Mark Kelly’s brother Scott wore this suit and he sent it from Earth to Mark for care. NASA had to spend 5,000 dollars to send this suit. This guerrilla suit was sent when Scott was in the space station for a year.

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