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Amazing : Scientists Records SpiderWeb Music

Kill and kill spiders We have never tried to understand their world except by burning or demolishing the house. When they build their house, then music is produced from it. During the construction of each wire of the web, the rest of the wire makes sounds due to the vibration of the air and the movement of the spider. It doesn’t sound less than any heavy metal music. If you want, you can listen to it while reading this story.

The different sounds the spiders make when they build this web. When hunting, different music plays. When the other spider is called towards her side, then a different music plays. There is shivering, then different music is played. That is, music comes out during every work in the spider’s house. The only problem is that you can’t hear him.


A few years ago, scientists prepared a three-dimensional structure of a spider’s web. So that you can listen to the music coming out of it. To listen to him, he included musician Tomas Saraceno in his team. He was given the task to make a musical instrument based on the music coming out of a spider’s web. Tomas made it too. The name of this instrument is Spider Canvas.

Then this team recorded the music Refined again. Added new virtual reality components. So that people can listen to the music they want in this spider web. could play it. Scientists believed that this music would not only help in making the three-dimensional structure of the web. Rather, it will also be easier to understand the vibration based language of spiders.

Marcus Bühler of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that spiders live in the environment of vibrating stars. She can’t see very well. They feel the environment around them through vibrations.

Each vibration is of a different frequency.
Marcus said that when you look at a spider web, you will find it has flat, circular, hexagonal or radial Looks made with spokes. Sometimes spiders also make spiral webs. That is, perfectly circular. But there are many spiders that make 3D webs. Like sheet web, tangle web or funnel web. They are more accurate and stronger to catch any prey.

To understand this music and to understand the process of web formation, scientists placed the tropical tent-web spider (Cyrtophora citricola) in a rectangular box. So that it can make a three dimensional mesh. They used a sheet laser to create a high-definition image of the spider’s web based on its movement. That too in 2D cross section. In the bar it was converted to 3D with a special algorithm

These 3D webs were then combined with different notes of music. As the web was built, so did the music. Along with this, every vibration of the music was also being translated as the language of the spider. So that it can be understood what mood the spider is in at what time and what it wants to say. It also showed how the spider builds its 3D web step by step.



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