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Ameca: The Humanoid Robot

The world’s largest consumer electronics show (CES 2022) got a glimpse of many unique gadgets. A human robot was also involved in this. Its name is Ameca. It is also being called the future face of the robot. It has been given a face like a woman. The special thing about this robot is that it talks like a human. Its facial expressions are also like that of a human. It also made a lot of headlines during CES.

Will listen, understand and respond to your words
A video of Ameca robot interacting during the Consumer Electronics Show is now going viral. He gave correct answers to what was asked in the video. Let us first teach you the conversation done with the robot.

Robot Question: Do You Trust God?
Robot’s answer: I don’t believe in anything.

Robot question: What’s your name?
Robot’s answer: My name is Ameka. What is your name? (The person in front gave his name as Michael, which Ameka repeated as well)

Robot question: Are you watching me?
Robot’s answer: Yes.

Robot question: What is the color of my jacket?
Robot’s answer: The color of your jacket is black. (the color of the jacket was dark blue)

Robot question: What is my hair color?
Robot’s answer: I can’t tell exactly, but I think Brown. (this was the correct answer)

Robot question: Am I wearing a watch?
Robot’s answer: Yes, my camera can see a clock.

Robot question: What is your hair color?
Robot’s answer: I can’t give you the answer.

After this conversation is over, Ameca asks did I impress you.

Ameca  works on AI x AB
Human Like Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Human Like Artificial Body (AI x AB) has been used in it to make Ameca robot look like a human. Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems can be tested and developed with the powerful Tritium Robot Operating System on Ameca. Humanoid robotics hardware has been used in Ameca . It has been prepared on Advanced Mesmer Technology.

3 things that make Ameca special

1. Modular Design: Both its hardware and software are modular. It can be easily upgraded. All its modules run independently. It has a head and hands. The rest of the body is robotic.

2. Operating System in the head: It has Tritium Robot Operating System in its head, which is connected to the cloud connected program. He who listens and understands things and gives further instruction.

3. Natural Motion: During the conversation, its facial expressions resemble the face of a human. Ameca is the perfect platform for conversations between humans and any metaverse or digital realm.


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