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American Scientists’ Warn: If you go to School, Gym and Club, the Risk of spreading Corona is Highest

Due to the Omicron variant worldwide, the pace of corona infection has accelerated. In the last 24 hours alone, 27.72 lakh new infected have been identified. In many countries, there is a jump in the number of patients admitted to hospitals. In such a situation, questions are being raised that where and how the corona virus is catching people so easily.


Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder in the US have answered these questions in a new research.

First know, how does corona virus spread?

Covid-19 disease is caused by a corona virus called SARS-CoV-2. According to scientists, air is fluid. Different types of particles are present in it, which spread in the atmosphere over time. Viruses are also capable of spreading with this air. If a corona infected person exhales and we breathe in the same air while staying close to him, then the virus gets transferred to our body.

Researchers say that the particles of the corona virus are most commonly transferred when breathing deeply and exhaling or speaking loudly. That is why it is very important to wear a good fitting medical grade mask.

The risk of spreading corona is highest in these places

In this research published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, scientists examined every factor of infection. This included the ability of the virus to transfer, people shouting/singing, breathing/exhaling, room being small/large, crowded/non-congestion and wearing masks.

According to the data found in the research, these mistakes increase your risk of getting infected with corona.

1. Large gathering of people in places with poor air quality and no ventilation. Like- gym, club and school classroom.

2. Exercising, singing and shouting in less space and among more people.

3. Not wearing a mask.

4. Staying in such places for a long time.

According to scientists, singing or shouting in a nightclub can cause corona.

What to do if you want to avoid corona?

According to scientists, corona can be avoided by following these methods.

1. Try to meet people outside, in the open air. Also, meet them in a place that is well ventilated or has good ventilation.

2. Minimum number of people in a room.

3. Do not stay in one place for a long time. Spend as little time as possible with people.

4. Avoid heavy exercise, shouting and singing.

5. Wear a good quality medical grade mask regularly. Their fitting should also be good.

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