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Andreessen’s Role in Musk-Twitter Bid sparks Controversy

Andreessen Horowitz, a company investing in technology-related platforms, has announced plans to invest in Elon Musk’s Twitter deal. The company will invest $ 400 million   in a deal worth $ 7.1 billion . Controversy has started after the announcement of this deal by the company. The great thing is that this company is also linked to Vinita Agarwal, wife of Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal. He is the general partner in the company. Controversy has also started regarding the co-founder of this company, Marc Andreessen. She is currently a board member of META. He has played an important role in naming the meta.

Andreessen Horowitz’s second co-founder Ben Horowitz tweeted that Musk is probably the only person in the world who has the courage, sharp mind and skill to fix Twitter’s problem. And he will make Twitter for all kinds of people.

Andreessen Horowitz is also associated with Meta company

The Andreessen Horowitz firm’s involvement in this deal is raising questions about Meta’s links. In this, Marc Andreessen has been working as a board member since 2008. In such a situation, their association with Twitter could be a problem for Meta. Harvard Law School professor John Coates said this is nothing new for America’s Silicon Valley, when investors turn to startups to grab their attention and a dispute with public-trade businesses erupts.


Andreessen Horowitz will seek legal advice to avoid controversy

Andreessen Horowitz’s representative said she would seek legal advice to settle the Twitter dispute. Despite being much smaller than Facebook, Twitter is considered a competitor of Meta. Twitter is leaving Meta behind in terms of posts and digital advertising. Meta has seen a sharp drop in value since the Twitter buyout bid. Andreessen of Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is not the only company that is being disputed. Rather, there are many such companies which have been disputed.


Vinita Agarwal is also Andreessen Horowitz General Partner

Vinita Agarwal, wife of Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal, is also a general partner in the Andreessen Horowitz company. Those who have invested in biotech and medical companies. It is not yet clear whether Parag Agarwal will continue to be the CEO of Twitter. Musk has already said in his statement that he does not trust the management.


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