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Android 13 has good news for users who buy Used Smartphones

When someone buys a used smartphone, their main concern is whether it is in good condition. Its external appearance says a lot about the treatment that the device has had, but this is not always a clear sign that all is well with this smartphone.

If software issues are relatively easy to solve, the truth is that the battery can be a real headache. When you buy a second-hand smartphone, the device may be pristine on the outside, but its battery may be worn out.

If you usually have some kind of concern about this situation, know that Android 13 has good news for you. In the new version of Google’s mobile operating system, there will be a new function that will give us the current state of the battery and thus take this doubt to users.

The latest beta version QPR1 of Android 13 arrives with a function that evaluates the health status of the smartphone’s battery, and thus provides with some accuracy the state of the same. This new feature has a simple interface that can be easily read and interpreted by users.

Android 13 will reveal the current battery status of smartphones

In addition to the battery status, this area will provide Android 13 users with more information that is very useful. The most important seems to be the one that informs the user when it is time to exchange this component, to prevent the use of the smartphone from deteriorating.

There will still be data on the capacity and condition of the battery. These two elements will be outside this area of ​​Android 13. What is not yet known is whether this feature will be exclusive to Pixel smartphones, or if it will be open to all manufacturers.

This function should be released in an upcoming version of Android 13 that Google should make available in the coming weeks.

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