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Apple announces the new iOS 17: Know the Features

Apple has just announced the new iOS 17, which according to the company will put more focus on communication. Of course, that also includes the phone app, which is getting a major update. So now there are contact posters, near full-screen images of your contacts on call. It looks a bit like lock screens. These posters are also included in the contact cards. Customizing the images also works as the lock screen.

Live voicemail mimics Android’s live transcription feature. Thus, with iOS 17 you will be able to see who is chatting in your mailbox. The voicemail is displayed directly on the screen and you can answer it if you want. FaceTime also gets a voicemail, or out of office message, that it displays if it can’t answer.

iMessage will finally have smart search. Filters help users find exactly what they are looking for. With Catch-Up you can jump to the last message you saw. Swipe-To-Reply is also delayed, and voice messages are transcribed directly into the app.

Another novelty in iOS 17 is Check-In, which can notify other people when you arrive at a certain place and you don’t need to write a message when you are at that location.

There are also many interface innovations in the Messages application, as well as new features in Stickers. Your emoji can now be pasted into the chat as a sticker. People extracted from photos can also be turned into stickers, something that currently works with WhatsApp. AirDrop is also undergoing an overhaul. Now you can exchange your number simply by holding the iPhones together using NameDrop. It also works with an iPhone and the Apple Watch.

Text input is something that sometimes drives any user crazy. The keyboard will finally receive a self-correct update. ML models have been overhauled and word prediction has gotten even better. The design has also been improved and sentences are fixed as a whole. The keyboard should continue to learn as you use it, and dictation will get better too.
Apple did not reveal the exact release date of iOS 17

With iOS 17 the iPhone gets StandBy. If the iPhone is turned on its side and is charging, the clock and other information will be displayed. More or less as it happens on the Apple Watch. Photo comments and more are also displayed with a tap. Stacks of widgets offer even more ways to easily access information when you wake up or are busy working. StandBy will remember your favorite display.

Finally, with iOS 17 you only need to say “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri”.



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