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Apple Watch’s Health Evolution: Blood Pressure Monitoring and More on the Horizon

The Apple Watch has long been celebrated for its robust health and wellness tracking capabilities, encompassing an array of premium features such as ECG readings and blood oxygen level data. However, one notable omission from its repertoire has been the ability to measure blood pressure. This may change in the upcoming year, as Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new sensor designed to detect elevated blood pressure levels. While this sensor won’t provide precise systolic and diastolic readings, it will serve as an early warning system for hypertension.

Apple’s vision for this sensor goes beyond mere detection; it includes the development of a complementary blood pressure journaling app. This app will allow users to make notes regarding the circumstances surrounding their hypertension episodes. Furthermore, there are hints that a future iteration of the sensor may offer more precise blood pressure measurements for enhanced journaling accuracy.

In addition to blood pressure monitoring, Apple is also exploring ways to address sleep apnea. The company is reportedly developing a system to monitor an individual’s breathing patterns during sleep. If any irregularities are detected, an accompanying app will recommend that the user seek medical advice for a sleep study and potential treatment.

Apple’s interest in these health-related features aligns with broader medical initiatives the company is pursuing across its product range. This strategic move is backed by the significant growth potential in the fitness-tracking market, which is poised to become a $200 billion industry over the next decade. Apple is even discreetly operating a startup called Avolonte to conduct human trials and test new medical technologies without attracting undue attention.

Furthermore, Apple is delving into additional innovative tech endeavors, including transforming AirPods into hearing aids, introducing a digital health coaching feature for weight management and overall wellness, and creating an anti-anxiety and workout feature for the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro.

As for the Apple Watch itself, it has been confirmed that a new iteration is slated for release in 2024. However, there may be a slight delay before the launch of the next Apple Watch Ultra, potentially extending to 2025.



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