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Apple’s M2 Mac Mini: An Upgraded Budget Desktop with Impressive Performance

Apple has launched an updated version of its Mac Mini, featuring the company’s latest M2 processor, at a $100 discount from its previous M1 version. While the M2 Mini has slower onboard storage, its processing performance is superior to its predecessor. This makes it one of the most powerful general-purpose desktops and midrange workstations available.

The new M2 Mini is available in two versions, the standard model and the M2 Pro, with the latter supporting up to three displays. While the M2 Mini’s external features and ports are physically identical to the M1 model, the M2 Pro model has an additional display output. Users can add an external docking station to increase the number of display outputs. The M2 Mini offers better performance than the M1, with its multicore results showing a 22% improvement over the M1.

While browsing the web did not show many perceptible benefits, photo, video and sound editing software were noticeably faster. The only area in which the M2 Mini underperforms is the speed of its built-in storage.

Despite this drawback, the M2 Mini offers an excellent value proposition for businesses, creatives and those looking for an affordable second PC for the home.



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