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Australian Scientist Claims Pharmaceutical Firm in which Djokovic’s has 80 percent stake is making Homeopath-like Medicine 

Tennis star Novak Djokovic of Serbia had to be deported last week for not getting the corona vaccine. Ivan Lonkarevi, CEO of Danish company Quantbiores, has revealed that Djokovic is a co-founder and a majority shareholder in his firm. This company is making medicines for the treatment of corona. A disclosure has also been revealed about this firm that the medicine the company is preparing for the treatment of corona, its style is like homeopath in principle.

Dr Darren Saunders, an Australian biomedical scientist, said that what is written on the Quantbiorace website matches the homeopath’s point of view. It gives alternative and unproven cures. Saunders said, “Quantbiorace describes itself as a biotech company. How she works in the field of biotech, this is not a glimpse from the website.

The company was formed in 2020, Djokovic among its founders
Ivan, the CEO of the biotech firm, said that Djokovic is one of the founders, which we founded in June 2020. He holds 80 percent stake in the company. The company employs about 20 employees in Denmark, Slovenia, Australia and the UK.

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