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Austrian Researchers Claim: Social Media influencers are responsible for Obesity in Children

Social media is also affecting the health of children. This claim has been made by health researchers from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. He says that if children are more fond of junk food, then social media influencers can be responsible for it. Three-quarters of the popular people’s posts on social media are related to junk food. This has a direct impact on the health of the children.

75% of Influencers post about food and drink
Researchers analyzed posts from German social media influencers popular among children up to 13 years old. These influencers have more than 35 million followers on social media. Researchers found that 75% of the posts of influencers are about food and drink. These posts contained products rich in salt, fat or sugar, which are injurious to health.

Ban on food and drink content of social media influencers
Researchers say that by affecting the eating habits of children, they are making them a victim of obesity. The researchers said that to tackle child obesity, governments should ban the food and drink content of social media influencers.

The author of the research paper, Dr. Maria Wakolbing, said that governments should help address the growing problem of child obesity. For this the influencers need to act.

Analysis of 364 posts from 6 German-Speaking Influencers
Austrian experts analyzed the followers and 364 posts of six German-speaking influencers. These include a total of 13 hours of video footage. Research has found that content has been posted about 409 types of products. Popular with children under the age of 13, these influencers from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube encourage products like chocolates and sweets apart from junk food.

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