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Starbucks Plans to invest in Web 3.0.  

Starbucks sees NFTs as a new way to build loyalty. It won’t just be a matter of speculation for Starbucks, the company sees much further ahead for its first collection of NFTs. Starbucks announced earlier this month its ambition to invest in Web 3.0 with a collection of NFTs and the creation of a third

DeepMind Launches ‘Gato’ an AI that can perform hundreds of Tasks

The great challenge in the field of AI is developing a system that integrates an artificial general intelligence, or AGI. Such a system must be able to understand and master any task that a human being would be capable of. However, this week the DeepMind research lab just announced the release of Gato, an AI

Microsoft suspected of being favored by Anticor

The contract between Microsoft and National Education for the renewal of several hundred thousand jobs is in the sights of the anti-corruption association. According to this agreement, a hundred Microsoft software (from office automation to CRM, via ERP or content management) should be present at almost 800,000 national educational workplaces. The Anticor association, known for

The iPod journey has come to an End

Apple no longer makes iPods, which can only be purchased until stocks last. The tech company has officially announced this. However, you can buy it from Apple Stores until current stock runs out. The iPod was released 21 years ago on October 23, 2001. It was the first MP3 player that could store over 1,000

Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space

Britain to set up a Solar Plant in Space UK Government is working on a plan to build a Solar Power Plant in Space. 50 UK engineering organisations, including Airbus and Cambridge University, have joined this government initiative. The UK launched an initiative last year to explore options in this direction. Its goal is to

Tips On Managing Construction On Rainy Days

When you work in construction, there are few things as frustrating as looking out the window in the morning and seeing rain. Rain can cause all kinds of disruption with construction projects and in the UK this can be a big problem! Statistics show that rain is a major issue in the UK with there

First Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Aircraft sets a New World Record

7,230 feet! This is the new altitude record for a hydrogen aircraft. The German manufacturer H2FLY accomplished this on April 13 with its four-seat aircraft HY4. The aircraft also set a second record, that of the first flight of a hydrogen aircraft between two commercial airports. On April 12, the HY4 covered 124 kilometers between

How to Maintain Your Pickup Truck’s Value

Anyone who has ever owned a pickup truck understands the advantages that it yields. From their powerful engines and endlessly customizable features to their durability, it’s no surprise that this vehicle type remains popular amongst many people. Some even prefer to have it as their company car. However, when a new model arrives, you may

 WhatsApp: Now listen to the Audios without entering the chat

WhatsApp: listen to the audios without entering the chat, you can find them in your phone files without having to see the conversation. Surely someone has sent you a voice clip on WhatsApp and you want to listen to it, but you don’t want to enter to see the conversation to avoid leaving the other

Excessive Mobile phone Radiation main reason for Alzheimer’s

 Excessive cell phone use and WiFi radiation can turn you into an Alzheimer’s patient. That claim was made in a study recently published in the journal Current Alzheimer’s Research. According to scientists, cell phone radiation increases calcium levels in brain cells, which is the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease.    The effect of WiFi technology

Amazing Innovation : Heart Attack will be cured by altering DNA

Plenty of  medications are available in the market reduce high cholesterol in the body, but certainly none can save a patient from having a heart attack. The US biotech company Verve Therapeutics has now found the solution to this problem. By changing the DNA, bad cholesterol can be prevented from accumulating in the body, the

Cryptocurrency Stock Market Crash: Many Coins Drop Over 10%

Cryptocurrency Stock Market Crash: Many Coins Drop Over 10% Today, the currency is trading at $31,080.91, up 7.82 percent. It’s down nearly 20 percent in just a week. Although the cryptocurrency market has been under pressure for the past few days, there has been an outcry across the crypto market over the past 24 hours.

Scientists develop Plastic-eating Enzyme

Plastic-eating enzyme: Scientists have created a new mutation of the enzyme called PETase.    It breaks down the plastic and makes it so bacteria eat and eat it. The biggest thing is that this enzyme can do all the work of plastic even at a temperature below 50 degrees. Nowadays, plastic is used in almost

Space Hotel by 2025: Now Celebrate the Holidays in Space

Space Tourism: New discoveries are constantly being made in the space sector. Many companies are working to take people to space and bring them home.  So far you have surely seen many 5-star and 7-star hotels with great views on Earth, but have you thought that there can be a hotel that isn’t of the

New iPad Air: Is this the best Apple tablet to buy?

Apple doesn’t rest. As is the case with the new third-generation iPhone SE, which we talked about a few weeks ago, and the brand new 2022 iPad Air, with which the technology company wants to continue grip on tablet market in which it remains the first power.   The device is very resembling in its


What is NASA’s CAPSTONE campaign, what will it do on the Moon? NASA is preparing for the launch of its Capstone mission this month. A microwave-sized CubeSat weighing only 25 kg will trace the path of the Moon’s orbit. Once in space and before reaching the Moon’s orbit, Capstone will use its propulsion system for

Huge Water Reservoir Found Under Ice In Antarctica

Huge Water Reservoir Found Under Ice In Antarctica Water found under the ice in Antarctica: Amount so much that even the Statue of Unity is submerged; Is this not an effect of climate change? Blue water is hidden under a sheet of white ice on Antarctica. Scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Columbia

MicroRobots to treat Brain Diseases

Now robots will be sent to the brain: the size is so small that it will reach the body through injection, treat mental diseases Sending robots into human brains to cure mental illnesses sounds like the story of a science fiction movie, but Bionaut Labs, based in California, USA, is working to make it a

Benefits of Digital Detox

Research claims – just a week’s break from social media is effective in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn… Today most of the people in the world are definitely using some of these social media apps. Due to this, they are becoming victims of mental diseases like stress, anxiety and

Andreessen’s Role in Musk-Twitter Bid sparks Controversy

Andreessen Horowitz, a company investing in technology-related platforms, has announced plans to invest in Elon Musk’s Twitter deal. The company will invest $ 400 million   in a deal worth $ 7.1 billion . Controversy has started after the announcement of this deal by the company. The great thing is that this company is also

Brazilian Scientists create a Unique Smartwatch made for Plants

Human beings sow the plants, but often forget to water them at the right time. Scientists have now found a solution to this problem. Researchers at the Brazilian National Laboratory of Nanotechnology have created a smartwatch that will be worn by plants, not humans. With its help, plants will be able to tell us when