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Benefits of Writing for Product Managers


In the business world, we often fall into the trap of thinking that your area of interest should be narrow and specialized. It is, in fact, true that your area of expertise can and should be narrow, but that doesn’t go for interests and self-improvement methods.

Project managers are coordinators of all role-players in the launch of a product. This means that their skill set needs to be solid and dispersed across many domains.

One of the things that helps broaden this horizon is writing. Just read some overviews from other product managers where they praise the benefits of writing. In this article, we’re presenting some of the biggest benefits you can gain from writing as a product manager.

  1. Bird’s eye view

For people who have trouble organizing thoughts, writing is a perfect activity to get that clarity amid all the chaos. When you’re dealing with issues as they pop up, your mind gets stuck in a constant stress mode, and it often happens that you can’t see the forest because of the tree.

Kristin Savage, a writer at TrustMyPaper and product manager at BestEssaysEducation, says that “writing can literally give you a whole new perspective. When you lay down all your thoughts and ideas black-on-white, you get a much better overview of the big picture”.

  1. Practicing clear communication

Writing is an act of communication and verbalization. Even if you’re writing for your eyes only and you don’t plan on ever sharing some of your work with others, it’s still an act of verbalizing thoughts and ideas. Forming words, phrases, and sentences forces you to be precise and direct.

Diana Adjadj, an academic writer at SupremeDissertations, says that “the writing process requires clear thinking. However, the process doesn’t end there. The more you write, the more you will start to think clearly even when you’re not writing. It’s similar to meditation – you have to adopt a certain practice, but it becomes your new normal once you master it”.

It’s already an urban legend how Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, requires meeting attendants to prepare a 6-page narrative memo they should craft and circulate before the meeting starts. He explained: “There is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking”.

  1. Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a learning and memorizing technique that connects different ideas and establishes categories and hierarchies. This term describes a technique, but it also refers to the act of connecting ideas in your mind.

As a product manager, you probably have thousands of issues, ideas, and tasks floating around your mind. When you keep filtering them over and over again inside your head, it becomes chaotic. Even smaller issues become huge and difficult because your mind keeps reiterating them.

In this way, mind mapping as a writing technique can help you make sense of all those thoughts.

  1. Improved email communication

Product managers use emails dozens of times every hour. If you’re like most product managers, email is probably your primary channel of communication. And as you’re very well aware of, writing emails is something entirely different than speaking in person.

In emails, you have to be able to step inside the reader’s shoes and make sure that they understand the text during their first reading. This can be incredibly different. As Maya Angelou said, easy reading comes from hard writing.

When you write in your free time and use this as a way of expressing yourself, your emails will improve as well. You will start noticing easier communication and more understanding between you and your colleagues.

  1. Less stress

Let’s face it: stress is an indispensable part of a regular workday for any product manager. Pressures and deadlines come from all sides, and there’s a feeling like it’s all clashing in your work. This is a common occurrence in many corporate environments. However, some job positions and roles are more prone to stress and anxiety.

According to research, reading and writing can greatly benefit workers and significantly decrease stress levels. So, if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by all that work that’s waiting for you, just grab a pen and paper. You don’t need to overthink what you’re writing, just let whatever comes to your mind flow on to the paper (or your laptop).

  1. Building Authority

If you decide to write not only for yourself but to publish some of your writing in the form of blog posts, articles or guides, you will get the benefit of getting your name out there and building authority in your domain.

Many professionals decide to share their knowledge, expertise, and insight on LinkedIn and other professional groups. This results in more searches for their name, company or brand, and more connection requests. Users who post articles on LinkedIn also have a higher chance of attracting qualified leads.


Writing is an activity that every product manager can benefit from. As a mediator whose main skill set lies in coordination and communication, writing can tremendously improve both. Even if you’re skeptical about it, why not just give it a little try? After all, even if you don’t see any of these benefits, you don’t have much to lose if you invest 10-15 minutes into your first writing effort.


Marques Coleman is a professional writer working at ClassyEssay (an essay writing service), GrabMyEssay (a collective of academic writers), and TopEssayWriting (a professional essay writing company. Marques is especially interested in business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

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