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Best anime movies of 2018

Whether it be Disney Princesses losing glass slippers or Bart Simpson getting up to mischief, the realm of animation felt childlike and simple.

However anime – or Japanimation – has always given the world more than just children’s stories. It has filled screens from Japan and now the world with heroic tales, love stories and comedy. Anime in Japan has always pushed the boundaries of animation, probably because the animation genre was created in Japan.

What started as a 5 minute short in 1917 has since turned into epic feature length films. The themes have morphed from nationalistic propaganda to romance, and often filmmakers in this genre have pushed auteurist innovations. Anime has and will continue to change – as all styles need too – to stay relevant.

For those who don’t watch anime, it can be inconceivable to understand how animation can have such a cult following. And whos tales can be as awe-inspiring and captivation as a typical drama or has hilarious as a traditional comedy. But this is the pure genius of anime. The stories invoke the true essence of the human spirit through tales of courage, overcoming diversity and falling in love. The animation doesn’t detract; instead, it proves the human condition is universal and easy to connect with.

Picking the top anime movie for 2018 is no easy feat. This year, in particular, had so many epic stories, vibrant characters and jaw-dropping animation innovation. But after careful section here our picks for the best anime films of 2018. We suggest using anime torrents to watch our picks and much more!

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Directed by Kenji Nagasaki and written by Yosuke Kuroda this film found success both in Japan and around the globe – bringing in more than $19 US world-wide. The story follows All Might who is invited to “I-Island”, where all the top global scientists perform research on Quirks. Quirks are superpowers 80% of the world’s populations have.

All Might invites Izuku Midoriya, a friend with whom they share a special power, which they are worried to share. It’s quickly relieved that All Might is struggling after a past injury with a villain. All Might is confronted with the overarching issue – what it means to be a hero and how to overcome diversity. There is also an unusual love story weaved throughout. This movie will have you gripped to your chair.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Two masters of anime have come together for this film. Directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi and Ryouma Ebata was the chief animations director. They use the isekai genre – where regular characters transport into a new world.

This idea of taking the ordinary into the extraordinary is common within the anime genre, but what separates this is the character. It follows an ordinary character that dies prematurely, and he is reborn as a blue bob in a fantasy world. It’s a clever consideration of what would happen if small blue blob obtained superpowers in a fantasy world. The premise might sound silly at first, but we urge you to go check out this one – you won’t be disappointed.

Pop Team Epic

Bright colours and even more colourful characters are a trademark of directors Jun Aoki and Aoi Umeki. Critics have hailed this film one of the most memorable animes in recent history. The story has a stronghold of classic anime comedy but with a 2018 twist. There are carefully placed non-humour skits that have been pushed into total absurdity through over the top madness.

What is the effect? Side-splitting comedy you won’t except or forget. The genius of this movie is the lack of plot. You are continually moving from one plot point to the next with little warning. There are a few recurring characters like angry Popuko and the equally catastrophic Pipimi who often drive the actions and provide a dark antidote to the colourful world. We can’t get enough of Pop Team Epic, and we suggest you emerge yourself into this world too!

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Maquia is a character plot-driven fantasy drama you don’t want to miss. It’s the directorial debut of Mari Okada, who also wrote this film and the legendary Kenji Kawai composed the music.

Maquia is a young woman who is a part of an immortal clan, living a relatively reclusive life. Her world is turned upside down when invaders strike, disrupting her peaceful life. She is separated from her group and finds herself in a forest. She stumbles across an abandoned baby in need of help. Maquia is then thrust into a new life of a caregiver, a total contrast of her past life. A classic tale of being trusted into a role you are not ready for leads to an adventure, unlike nothing we’ve seen.

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