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Best slot games to play in 2020

It’s important for individuals that want to play slots to discover the absolute best games to improve their experience and offer them most enjoyment overall. Taking time to search for the best game is going to be the ultimate way to find out what you’re really looking for in online casino games, because each one is different and you’re not going to necessarily like all of them to the same degree (if at all). 

The issue is, this particular search is going to take some time, and due to that, we’ve helped you out with a short guide to probably the best jackpot slots to play in 2020. Good luck! 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah constantly seems to come through on top when lists are made of the very best slot games around and there is a fantastic reason for this; it is the slot game that has paid out probably the greatest quantity of money in the UK. The largest pay out took place in 2015, which was a huge £13.2 million. 

This was an unusually massive jackpot, but since the normal jackpots will also be excellent on Mega Moolah, totalling around £6 million on average, and since that jackpot is collected around every four to six days or so (although this is never sure, of course), it is obvious that folks (and possibly you) are actually going to need to enjoy it. 

Hall Of Gods

Developed by NetEnt, Hall of Gods is one popular slot which offers great odds of winning. It originally arrived in web casinos in 2010, but although it is possibly among the oldest of the games out there (at the very minimum of the ‘new wave’ of slots which have been colourful and exciting), it’s nevertheless a firm favourite. It shells out around every five weeks or so, and the prize is usually around £5 million. 

The RTP (return to player) for Hall of Gods is 95.7 %, and also it additionally has a three times multiplier once you make an entirely free spin, you are going to have the chance to obtain 4,314 times your stake. Could this be why a great deal of people like taking part in Hall of Gods? It seems that way! 

Age Of Gods

Age of Gods is not the same as Hall of Gods, even though the names are obviously similar. Even so, the style of ancient gods must be a favourite one, since you are going to find a range of games which are unique but that work around this specific theme. Age of Gods is created by Playtech, and it is definitely a game which should be viewed as of all the pinnacle of those to enjoy in 2020. 

The jackpots within this game are smaller than a number of the others (they are about £500,000 and come around six to seven weeks), but since the game is actually fun to play, nobody will mind. In truth, why would anyone mind winning half a million pounds in the first place?!

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