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Best Way to Configure Free iPad Slots

Do you own an iPad and fancy playing a range of fun to play and exciting slot games on that device? If so, then please read on as I will be giving you an insight into which slots are designed to give you the most entertaining slot playing experience.

Keep in mind too that free iPad slots do offer a range of different features, themes and bonus games too, and with literally thousands of them available you really are going to be spoiled for choice when you download an app and give them a try.

Different Categories of iPad Slots

Let me now rattle through some of the many different types of iPad real money slots available online that you are going to come across and give you an insight into what makes each of them unique in their design and playing structures and formats.

Classic slot machines are extremely basic, and you will find they offer just three reels and one single pay line. They tend not to offer any type of bonus games or bonus features. However, the newer three reel slots can offer bonus games and often more than one single pay line too.

Progressive slot machines are popular with players, for they can and do offer one or more jackpot fed by players stakes, so the more players play them the higher in value their jackpots become.

Some progressive slots can be won completely at random, but most of them require you to play for maximum stake spins to have any chance whatsoever of winning their respective jackpots.

Bonuses games and bonus features are what you will always find attached and on offer when playing video slots, and they are the slots that players do often find they enjoy playing the most, and come with unique sounds, animations and often a huge number of pay lines too.

Built in Free Play Slot Bonus Games

Without a shadow of a doubt some of the best iPad slots that you can play these days are going to be the ones that not only have one or more built in bonus games or bonus features that can be triggered and awarded to you as you play them, but the ones that tend to award those bonus games much more frequently.

It is also worth noting that when playing such slots, you can often win a much higher valued payout via their bonus games than you ever could do via their respective base games, and that is what makes the exciting slots to play on an iPad.

However, some of the older styled three reel slots have been given makeovers recently, and as such do not be too surprised if you do come across those types of slots that will now offer you the chance of triggering some form of bonus game, which could be a set of free spins or much more often a wheel spinning based bonus feature round instead.

Slots that are Part of a Series

What you may discover when playing iPad slots, is that some of them become your personal favourites, and will be the ones that you often tend to make a beeline to play when you are in a slot machine playing frame of mind.

I should point out that some of the most played and therefore most popular slot machines often will become part of a series of similar slots, as the designer of those machines will be eager to bring out additional ones that they know players will enjoy playing.

Therefore, if you do discover one slot game that you very quickly warm to then do make a point of checking to see if there are any additional slots that are part of a series of that slot, as by tracking done and play those other slots you ill know what awaits you in their design.

New slot games by the way are launched every day of the week as there are now literally hundreds of slot game designers out there, so never think you are only going to find the same slot games on offer to you when playing via a casino app as that will not be the case and you will always find plenty of new ones to get stuck into playing.

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