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Bitcoin Market Launches Token with Expected Return above Fixed Income

Tokens are registered on the blockchain to represent assets of various types. Bitcoin is the leading token on the market, with a share of over 40% of the global capitalization. Ethereum is the most used blockchain for creating other digital currencies and smart contracts. The largest tokens in market value are digital currencies that electronically represent a physical or digital asset on the blockchain with very broad functions.


Here are 5 biggest tokens by Market Value


1. Bitcoin — $385 billion

Bitcoin (BTC) was created in 2008 to be a non-governmental and self-sustaining global currency. Its main objective is to provide a more efficient, transparent and less bureaucratic financial and technological system, distributing the power concentrated in banks and governments to all users. The bitcoin blockchain, called ‘omnichain’ is the origin of everything. It is the most important network of all, as it is the only truly decentralized network with a secure and immutable deflationary protocol. No wonder, it is the leader among the largest tokens in market value.


2.Ethereum — $139 billion

Bitcoin and Ethereum are similar blockchains in that they house cryptocurrencies. However, the Ethereum network allows the creation of smart contracts, which makes it useful in scenarios outside of currency transactions. Blockchain and other networks based on its architecture are the main public and private resources for logistics, electronic art, games, counterparty confirmation contracts and as a foundation of creation for other digital currencies. Unlike the bitcoin blockchain, which features a mining protocol that limits the issuance of tokens to be deflationary, ethereum production does not have a limit and its protocol causes more assets to be created with each mined block.


3.Tether — $66 billion

Tether (USDT) stands out among the largest tokens by market cap as a buffer against cryptocurrency volatility. Tether (USDT) is the oldest stablecoin of all. It is considered the digital dollar and has the advantage of being transacted on several different networks. The token is used to acquire other cryptocurrencies, as many cannot be purchased with fiat currency. When created, the USDT did not allow price variations, being always fixed at 1 dollar-1.47%. Today, however, based on some rules, it has free float, with a logic similar to initial public offerings (IPOs) on stock exchanges, with initial pricing backed and subsequent valuation determined by supply and demand.

4. USD Coin — $56 billion

USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin issued by the Coinbase exchange, considered “audible” as it is subject to United States regulations. The asset is known for being the most trusted project by governments around the world, serving as a model for the creation of government cryptocurrencies.


Its system is very centralized, backed by traditional financial market assets, such as the dollar itself or US treasury bonds. The digital currency is always sold by Coinbase for 1.0003 and purchased for 0.9997.

5. BNB — US$ 37 billion

BNB is a utility token developed by Binance, the world’s largest exchange. The tendency is for this asset to appreciate or depreciate following the broker’s market value.  Its popularity is so great that it started to be accepted and traded by other exchanges. The main use of BNB has shifted to play-to-earn games, where it is used as an intermediary currency. The asset has consolidated itself as one of the largest tokens in market value due to its integration with various platforms that allow you to book airline tickets and hotels, trade shares, buy land in the metaverse and even apply for loans.


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