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Blood Test Will Show The Difference Between Calendar Age And Age

New formula for health: Now blood test will show the difference between calendar age and age, precautions can be taken, risk of serious diseases will be avoided


According to scientists, testing of the immune system is very important.


We calculate our age by calendar or year. As we age, the risk of getting sick increases. Conversely, when the age is younger, it is believed that the chances of getting the disease are less. But Stanford University and Buck Institute for Research on Aging have invented a blood test that can differentiate between age and age according to the calendar age of any person.


Scientists have named IAS as inflammation of any person i.e. burning, pain or any chronic disease like heart disease or diabetes. Through blood tests, scientists study the cytokines and immune system proteins present in the blood.


If after the blood test, the calendar age of a person is estimated to be 45 years and the age of 65 years, then it is proved that the body of that person is 20 years more old. This is happening due to inflammation i.e. chronic diseases in that person’s body. That person needs to be more careful. The concerned person should be more careful about heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.


Smoking, not exercising and carelessness in diet hinders longevity


Stanford University Prof. Nazish Syed says that we all have grown old and we move towards death. But the most important thing is how we age. With the new blood test, we will be able to know how healthy we are able to stay as we age. We should be careful when there is a difference between calendar age and iaage. Due to smoking, not exercising and being negligent in the diet, the age increases. This can be improved with a healthy routine.

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